BlackBerry Curve Touch (Malibu): Possible CDMA Specs


With the CES show behind us, and the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in just over 2 weeks time, news is rife about what we can expect to see there, as well as possible devices throughout the rest of 2011/2012. One such device that caught our eye is that of Research in Motion's new offering. A … [Read more...]

RIM PlayBook vs Apple iPad: Faster Web Browsing


At OSM we have reported over the last couple of months on Research in Motion's latest offering to the tablet market, the “BlackBerry PlayBook.” Although at times, we only had snippets of information to give you, our last report stated that on releasing the tablet it would be competitively priced … [Read more...]

RIM’s BlackBerry Ditched By Bank of America And Citigroup In Favor Of iPhone


Research in Motion (RIM) do not seem to be having a very good week, following on from news that Dell employees have now been offered Venue Pros instead of the BlackBerry device. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Bank of America and Citigroup are now thinking along the same lines in changing … [Read more...]

BlackBerry PlayBook: RIM’s Tablet of Endurance


We have reported over the last few weeks, on the forthcoming “BlackBerry PlayBook” due to be released sometime next year. Up against stiff competition from other tablets, Research in Motion (RIM) are hoping that their offering packed with some fantastic features including a new OS, 1 GHz dual-core … [Read more...]

RIM: End BlackBerry Ban In United Arab Emirates


We reported back in August, on the possibility of the United Arab Emirates being banned from using BlackBerry handsets. This came down to possible breeches in security. But today, news has been announced that Research in Motion (RIM) will end the ban that was to take place on Monday. This falls … [Read more...]

UAE Blackberry Ban beaten by Saudi Arabia: RIM tension


We recently reported on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as they have been looking at banning email, web-browsing and the messaging service on the BlackBerry phone in October. This comes as security issues are looked into and now it appears that neighbouring country Saudi Arabia are following in their … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Security Concerns: E-mail, Web Browsing and Messaging


It is has been recently announced that with national security concerns, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be banning e-mail, web browsing and messaging of the BlackBerry smartphone. At the moment the UAE are in talks with Research In Motion (RIM) Canadian based makers of the device. … [Read more...]