Verizon Apple iPad 2 Recall: Deliveries In Transit Sent Back


News has surfaced regarding Verizon’s iPad 2 and the fact that they are in the process of being recalled by Apple. While some tablets are being sent back direct from the stores, others that are currently in transit have been diverted and returned. … [Read more...]

Intel Sandy Bridge Recalls Imminent: Design Flaw The Cause


Following Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPU being released in Asia and having to pay NVIDIA $1.5 billion over a dispute, we are now hearing that there is a design flaw in the new Sandy Bridge processor. This is really bad news for Intel and pretty unusual as you don’t tend to hear about too many CPU recalls … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Antenna Issue like Toyota recall problem

Antennagate is what the iPhone 4’s antenna problem has become known in the tech community, and it has been a huge black eye for Apple. The question many people have been asking is how Apple didn’t know about the problem before releasing the phone, or if they did why did they not change the antenna … [Read more...]

Toyota recall of some Lexus models starts in Japan

Toyota has announced yet another recall, this time involving its Lexus brand of vehicles. 270,000 vehicles are affected by this latest recall, which is to do with a defective component in the engine. The Japanese company will begin the recalls on July 5, 2010. … [Read more...]