Portal 2 DLC - Geared Around The Razer Hydra Controller

Portal 2 is a new game that came out recently and it’s very first DLC is going to be geared around the new Razer Hydra controller which is based around motion. The controller itself like many of the Razer products is aesthetically pleasing with various LEDs and things appearing on it … [Read more...]

Razer Orochi Black Chrome Edition: Available Now - Price

With the way technology is moving forward there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the best peripherals for your laptops and PCs that money can buy. The gaming mouse has become quite a subject for us at OSM with different ones being released all the time that we are trying to keep up with … [Read more...]

Razer Chimera 5.1 Headset: Price & Expected Release Date

When it comes to Razer products we at OSM have reported on a few in recent times, some of them include the DeathAdder mouse in black and also in a Dragon Age II style. We have also seen a few other devices such as the Razer Onza Xbox 360 controllers and the new StarCraft 2 Spectre gaming mouse … [Read more...]

StarCraft 2 Spectre Gaming Mouse From Razer: Your Thoughts?

StarCraft II has been one of the biggest games on the PC for a long time. So many people enjoyed the first one that they just had to make a second and we are hoping that they continue the saga further! … [Read more...]

Razer Naga Epic: New Gaming Mouse Specs & Price

Razer have been for a while one of the top end manufacturers of gaming input devices. Some of the ones that we have reported on previously include the Onza Xbox 360 controller in different editions, the DeathAdder in black and the Dragon Age II DeathAdder … [Read more...]

New Razer Gaming Mouse: Dragon Age II Themed DeathAdder

When you think of Razer products what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Expensive, cool, funky… how about quality? They have just released a new gaming mouse called the DeathAdder; this one is themed with the Dragon Age II markings … [Read more...]

New Gaming Mouse: Razer DeathAdder In Black Released


Here at OSM, we try to bring you the news on the best devices around, whether they be tablet PCs like the Motorola Xoom, smartphones like the Apple iPhone or a gaming mouse from Razer … [Read more...]