iPhone 5 Inevitable: RadioShack iPhone 4 Price Dropping


At the present time, all our hopes are now edged on a September release for Apple's iPhone 5 handset. Although a date hasn't been etched out in stone, circling rumors have for sometime been pointing to this month, so all we can do, is to keep everything crossed. … [Read more...]

HTC EVO 3D June 24th Release? Picks Galaxy S2 To Post


One of the biggest mobile handsets to come out of this year, will no doubt be the HTC EVO 3D. Although we have had no word as to its official release date, retailers such as RadioShack, Best Buy and so on have all been preparing themselves with customers being able to pre-order the device. In the … [Read more...]

HTC EVO 3D Pre-Order: Ask RadioShack, Online Ad No Show


One of the hottest smartphones to be released in the coming months will no doubt be that of the HTC EVO 3D. Since we first obtained details about the new handset we have spoken about the new specs, compared it to others such as the new Sharp Aquos SH-12C as well as giving you news of rumored … [Read more...]

HTC Inspire 4G from RadioShack: Going Cheap at $29.99

We talked about the HTC Inspire 4G earlier this year when we included it in our roundup of 8 of the best new Android smartphones for 2011, then later wrote about how it was not HSUPA enabled which led to some disappointment. However we have heard of a great offer for this handset with news that the … [Read more...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Release Pre-Orders Now: Best Buy & RadioShack


As we’ve stated before this year is definitely the year of the tablet device and three we’ve been writing about for some time are the Apple iPad 2, the Motorola Xoom and the BlackBerry PlayBook, thought to be the three major contenders. The iPad 2 and Xoom have both been released and next up is the … [Read more...]

Pre-Order The Kyocera Echo From RadioShack Now


Here at OSM we have been following the Kyocera Echo very closely and have previously brought you news about, this handsets announcement and our first impressions on this device being a possible game changer, with its release just around the corner we have yet more news about this dual screen … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Hits 500 RadioShack Stores: Beat Online Order Deliveries

With iPad 2 well and truly settled in stores across 25 countries outside of America, for most the pre-delivery delays are at the back of their minds. For others that may have held on and waited for the barrage of eager purchasers to die down before making a play for their iPad 2, another outlet … [Read more...]

AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G Pricing Comparison: RadioShack Sell At $150

As well as having an exceptional tablet the “Xoom” on the way, you can also look forward to Motorola's new Atrix 4G dubbed a pretty impressive phone, the first of its kind to include a dual-core processor. A full official specifications listing came out of the Mobile World Congress last week, but … [Read more...]

HTC Inspire 4G February 13 Launch: Pre-Order At RadioShack


If you are purely wanting to purchase a new smartphone but are addressing the multitude of handsets already on the market, you will be pleased to know that the new HTC Inspire 4G is on its way. Currently on retailer shelves, handsets from HTC consist of an array from the Wildfire, Trophy, Mozart, … [Read more...]

RadioShack “Fresh Phone February” Buy Yours At A Discounted Price


Are you looking for a new mobile phone, but are still getting over that Christmas spending? In a bid to entice customers to buy a new handset but without spending the earth on one, American retailer “RadioShack,” have come up with the perfect solution named, “Fresh Phone February.” … [Read more...]

Radio Shack Offer Samsung Captivate Online For FREE

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday feeling more like a past dream now, it hasn’t stopped one of the biggest electronics retailers still offering some pretty fantastic deals. For today, news is being reported of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate being issued for free online. … [Read more...]

Radio Shack deals on iPhones: Limited period only


We’ve had all the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but if you look hard enough there are still some offers around. For instance if you’re in the market for an Apple iPhone this holiday shopping season then Radio Shack might just be the place to head for as it has a special deal on from … [Read more...]

Your Chance To Win A BlackBerry Torch: Find Out More

You may be in with a chance of winning one of the hottest smartphones currently on the market, the BlackBerry Torch 9800. This will be made possible with the help of electronics retailer RadioShack. … [Read more...]