Sony makes PS Vita next generation for PSP2


One of the best times of the year for gamers is upon us with E3 2011 which is already competing for you to watch it with Apple’s WWDC conference. We have been regularly reporting on different consoles and things that will be showcased including the new Nintendo device currently known as “Project … [Read more...]

The NGP Is Sony’s E3 Showpiece: Check Out The Demo Videos


As E3 draws closer the rumors of different consoles showing up to show off what they can do are coming thick and fast. The biggest rumor surrounds the Xbox 720 where many people have been speculating about it. Today we want to talk to you about the most powerful handheld console that has ever lived … [Read more...]

Sony NGP New Name Vita - PSV: More Details Released At E3

There has been various rumors circulating about the Sony NGP aka the PSP2 such as how its having to downgrade the specs of the device, how it’s likely to be the focus of Sony’s part in E3 and also some of the features that we are likely to see … [Read more...]

Awesome NGP Specs Downgrading: Cost A Contributing Factor

For all of you looking forward to the power that we learned of about the PSP2 aka the NGP we have a little bit of news that isn’t too appealing for you and you may not like so much. Still it’s something that you need to know so here goes … [Read more...]

Sony NGP Microsoft Xbox 360 Mashup Handheld Console iReadyGo

Whilst Sony are currently struggling with the PSN being down where they have had to completely re-build the infrastructure we doubt this will deter people’s thoughts from the new device they are bringing out in the NGP. Although, we have just seen something that made us have to look twice… … [Read more...]

The Sony NGP Astonishing Features & Expected Price

One of the most anticipated devices that we may not even see this year is the upgrade to the Sony PSP, the PSP 2 or as it has been named the NGP. This is a device that will be looking to take the handheld gaming market by storm and oust Nintendo from their market domination … [Read more...]

Sony Music Unlimited Streams For Xperia Play, PSP & NGP


Sony over the last few years have been dipping their toes into the handheld console market with the likes of the Sony PSP and now they are moving forward with announcements about the NGP. The NGP is the next console in the PSP lineup aka the PSP2 and not only that but today is the release day for … [Read more...]

The NGP Release Date: 11.11.11 - What Do You Think?

Remember recently when Sony had that event for their new handheld console the NGP? Well we have heard all sorts of rumors about the finer details that they left out from the event such as the price and release date … [Read more...]

Sony NGP (PSP2): Price Leaked


We have been keeping you up to date with the NGP aka the PSP2, so far we have reported on its revelation event in Tokyo, we reported on the Twitter buzz that it received, the A9 Cortex Quad-core processor that is present, we then topped it all off by asking you how much you would pay … [Read more...]

Sony NGP (PSP2): Questions still unanswered

Since the word came about the Sony PSP2 or NGP (Next Generation Portable) as it’s now known, we’ve brought you many articles with news and speculation about this upcoming gaming console. Among our recent posts were a look at the PSP2 vs. the PS3, specs, news on the Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor … [Read more...]

Sony PSP2 (NGP) Price: How Much Will You Pay?

After reporting on various things to do with the NGP such as the specs when it was being shown at the Tokyo event, the fans Twitter reaction to the device and also how it is packing a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, we wanted to report to you one of the essential details that was missed out at … [Read more...]

Sony NGP (PSP2): Fans Twitter Reaction

The Internet has exploded for news on the Sony PSP2 or as it is otherwise known the Next Generation Portable (NGP). The wait is now over, we won’t be seeing any more PSP2 fake images although some of them were pretty convincing … [Read more...]

Sony NGP – PSP2: Packs a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor


We have already reported some of the specs of the much anticipated new Sony handheld device and we are all pretty blown away so far. What has just been mentioned now though is the processor that is in the device … [Read more...]

PSP2: Next Generation Portable - Specs Released

Whilst we have been reporting on what the PSP2 or the NGP as it has been codenamed. It has seen a lot of rumors circulating about the device but today is the day of the Sony Tokyo event. The PSP2 has been unveiled and boy does it look good … [Read more...]

Sony PSP2 Image Revealed: Real Or Fake?

So far we have reported on various news for the PSP2 including the rumors of specs, 3G and it supposedly is having an HD screen and rear facing touchpad. The handheld device is supposed to be as graphically powerful as the Sony PS3 … [Read more...]

PSP2 Vs 3DS: Which Will You Get?

The handheld market is getting a bit of a shakeup, the 3DS has already been announced for release in the US and UK within a couple of days of each other in March. It looks like it is going to be a brilliant little console; of course the main feature is going to be the glasses-less 3DS … [Read more...]

Sony PSP2 Specs: Rumors Suggest 3G & OLED Display

Sony look like they are planning a big year, they have the new PlayStation phone as well as the new PSP2 handheld games console. This will need to be a decent device if they want to compete in the handheld gaming market, especially seeing as Nintendo have already announced the 3DS … [Read more...]

Sony PSP2 Vs. PlayStation Phone: Which Will You Buy?

We have heard a lot of speculation surrounding both the Sony PSP2 and the PSP Phone, starting with the PSP 2, we reported on the addition of an HD screen and a touchpad to the rear of the PSP2 and also how Sony have apparently said that the PSP2 will be as powerful as the PS3 … [Read more...]

PSP2 Vs. PS3: Sony’s 2011 Power Struggle

Just as the Nintendo 3DS gaming console release is drawing closer more gaming news about the Sony PSP2 is coming out. The device is due out in the last quarter of 2011 and there is set to be an announcement about it coming on January 27. … [Read more...]

New Sony PSP For 2011: Patent Applications Filed

With a series of eight intertwining patent applications coming to light last week on one of Sony's new inventions, it leaves us wondering all what it is. I am sure some of us have an idea or two though. … [Read more...]

Sony PSP2 Update: Touchpad and HD Display

For fans of the gaming console, you may already be aware of speculation surrounding a new PSP2 that is currently on the horizon. … [Read more...]