Contemplating PlayStation Vita release date and games

Like us here at OSM, there will be many of you waiting for the new handheld gaming console to arrive, yep that’s right the new Sony PS Vita. Announced officially at the E3 gaming event in the summer, along with news of what it will look like and features to offer us, we can now update you with … [Read more...]

Sony PS Vita: Compatible Gaming with PSP and PS3

If any of you are like us then you are sitting waiting for the new Sony PS Vita to be released and are looking forward to everything that it brings. Already we have an idea of what it will be priced at from Sony’s event at E3 several months ago but now there’s new details that say the PS Vita … [Read more...]

Sony PS Vita: Yours To Pre-Order, US / UK Prices

Shortly before the summer, the yearly E3 gaming conference took place allowing manufacturers such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to show off their future product(s). With attacks taking place at the time from hackers, it was a job to know how the E3 would pan out and whether any interest would … [Read more...]

PlayStation Vita Expanding Experience: Apps for Social Networking

A gaming console that has provoked a big amount of interest is the Sony PlayStation Vita although there was major disappointment when we heard it would not be released until 2012 in the USA and Europe, a disappointment for many. Today we’ve heard more news about the Vita to digest while you’re … [Read more...]

PS Vita Release Date: Blockbuster Says October 28th

The PS Vita is a games console that many of us have been waiting for; we have seen it changing names with PSP2 and NGP before finally settling on the PS Vita. This console is perhaps one of the reasons that the Nintendo 3DS isn’t selling as well as Nintendo thought it would. We are now hearing … [Read more...]

PS Vita Release Date In Early November Or Delayed Until 2012?

When it comes to the world of gaming and mobile devices you will always hear contrasting stories and lots of different launch dates being thrown around. Now we have heard that the PS Vita release date could be early November but we have also read it could be delayed until 2012! … [Read more...]

Sony PS Vita: Removable Memory Isn’t An SDCard

The new handheld from Sony has been talked about quite a lot since it was first announced, we have known it as the PSP2, the NGP and now it’s official name which was revealed at E3 2011 the PS Vita. The snazzy new handheld from Sony even played its part in getting E3 to 2nd place in this week’s … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Selling At Snails Pace: Predecessor Outshines

As with many devices to the market, the reaction to them can be positive and negative from customers, the same can be said for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. Hoped to pull in the masses with its new 3D technology, the 3DS hasn’t quite lived up to peoples' expectations with news today that the … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS: Steps Back In Time With Mario Kart & More

As we reported earlier Sony's E3 introduction to their latest generation of PlayStation portable devices, is set to offer up a massive attack on Nintendo's 3DS. We gave a brief comparison of specs between the Sony PS Vita and Nintendo's latest 3D console. … [Read more...]

PS Vita Official Price For WiFi & 3G Models Revealed At E3 2011


We have already reported that Sony’s Kaz Hirai officially announced that the NGP’s official name from Sony will be the PS Vita. We had also seen some patent filing that Sony did prior to the event which we also reported on … [Read more...]

NGP Officially Named PS Vita By Kaz Hirai At E3 2011

We at OSM have been covering as much as possible with the NGP which is the successor to the original PSP which was launched 6 years ago. We even provided links for you to watch the Sony E3 2011 event yourself and it’s from here that we learned the proper name for the new device … [Read more...]

Sony Live Stream For E3 2011 With High Quality Version

We have been regularly reporting on E3 2011 throughout the day as its one of the biggest gaming events of the year. We have reported on various locations of where you can watch different legally streamed parts of the event for different manufacturers … [Read more...]

Sony makes PS Vita next generation for PSP2

One of the best times of the year for gamers is upon us with E3 2011 which is already competing for you to watch it with Apple’s WWDC conference. We have been regularly reporting on different consoles and things that will be showcased including the new Nintendo device currently known as “Project … [Read more...]