E3 2011: Resistance 3 Bundle & Price: PS Move & 3D Compatible


With 2011's E3 event well under way, we have had an opportunity to take a peak at some of the best looking products from the gaming show. The big headline so far has been all about Sony's NGP which has been called the "Playstation Vita". Besides this a tasty looking Resistance 3 bundle caught our … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii 2 Introduces “Screen Stream” Technology Controllers

With Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 going from strength to strength with their additions of PS Move and Kinect, Nintendo must have been starting to feel a little left out. So to combat the onslaught from their competitors, Nintendo have been working on a replacement for their popular Wii … [Read more...]

Kinect For Xbox 360 Review: Future Gaming Is Here


Some may remember back in the day, when a home computer console meant a large PC with a tape deck drive to load your games, I realise that there are a few saying tape deck? Obviously technology has moved on massively since then, firstly games consoles got smaller and faster with ever increasing … [Read more...]