Google Plus vs Facebook at the start of 2015

Google Plus vs Facebook at the start of 2015 pic 3

Facebook’s active advertisers rose to a staggering 2 million, which is a massive 33% increase on its 2014 July number at 1.5 million. But when you compare this to Google’s piece of the advertisers estimate market share they sat at 31.1%, but this is a drop from its 33.6% share in 2013. When you … [Read more...]

Best practices for using Pinterest to promote your brand

Seasonal social media usage and impact

Pinterest exploded onto the social media scene in 2010, and has enjoyed stellar growth each year since. Today, 16% of the U.S. population is on Pinterest, which puts it right up there with Twitter. What does this mean for your brand or small business? For starters, you should know that Pinterest … [Read more...]

14 Tactics For Promoting And Optimizing Your Blog

Promoting your blog

Having a business blog is a good way to get customers interested in your business. There you can post news, product information and special offers, amongst other things. The difficult thing is getting people to find out about and notice your blog in the first place. … [Read more...]