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"Portable Hard Drive" News

Corsair Force Series GT SATA 3 SSD Release and Price Details

[ 0 ] July 5, 2021

Earlier today we gave you news on rumored new flash storage for the MacBook Air and today we have good news for those interested in PC gaming hardware and high-performance as Corsair has announced its Force Series GT SSD’s supporting SATA 6Gb/s technology. The even better news is that specs are slightly higher than when…

Apple Shows New Time Capsule: Storage Upped to 3TB

[ 0 ] June 21, 2021

At OSM we have added many reports previously on different types of backup and storage devices that we see on our travels. Today we have another one to talk to you about, Apple has shown the new Time Capsule and the storage has been upped to 3TB

Clickfree C2: The Most Rugged Portable HDD Ever?

[ 1 ] May 21, 2022

When you think about the most rugged hard drives there are on the Earth which one springs to mind first? Perhaps the ioSafe HDD that can be fully submerged in water, blasted a few times with a shotgun and still come out working, or maybe you would prefer the Seagate GoFlex Satellite HDD with WiFi…

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Portable HDD: Features WiFi Streaming

[ 0 ] May 16, 2022

At OSM we have reported on various methods of portable storage such as the Plextor HDD, the ioSafe Hard Drive and a couple of different models from Seagate. One of them gives you 2TB for $75 while the other is super slim making it ultra portable

Seagate Super Slim GoFlex Hard Drive: Price & Release Date

[ 0 ] April 5, 2022

When it comes to portable storage we have reported on a few devices in recent times, one from Plextor, another from Freecom, the ioSafe hard drive and of course one from Seagate that gives you 2 TB for a mere $75. We do have another from Seagate to tell you about today

Plextor Portable Hard Drive: USB 3.0 & Well Priced

[ 0 ] March 5, 2022

Portable storage is one of the talking points at CeBIT with the Supersonic Magnum USB 3.0 Thumb Drive but there are plenty of other options out there. We have recently reported on a few different styles of storage such as the ultra rugged ioSafe hard drive that took a few blasts of a shotgun at…

USB Portable Hard Drive: Seagate Gives You 2TB For $75

[ 0 ] February 18, 2022

In recent times we have seen a few different types of portable storage; we have seen the hardcore ioSafe Hard Drive that can take a blast from a shotgun, the new Hypermax 3.0 from Kingston as well as the world’s thinnest hard drive from Freecom

ASUS Lamborghini External Hard Drive: Spec & Price

[ 0 ] February 2, 2022

We have been looking recently at different external hard drives and trying to identify the best one. Of course, it depends on your circumstances, if you are out and about all the time with a need to carry data around then the rugged ioSafe HDD which back at CES withstood shotgun shots and being submerged…

Arsenal Substitute Defenders For Buffalo NAS Devices

Arsenal Substitute Defenders For Buffalo NAS Devices

[ 0 ] January 24, 2022

News through today is not of who the North London club are playing, who has been the latest to take to online social networking site Twitter and so on, but of the reds manager Arsene Wenger agreeing to some new safe, simple to use technology for the players’ laptops.

Freecom: Thinnest Mobile Hard Drive - Aimed at Macs

Freecom: Thinnest Mobile Hard Drive - Aimed at Macs

[ 0 ] January 12, 2022

Mobile hard drives are becoming something that is pretty popular; of course there is a real requirement for them these days with people wanting to backup their data to make sure if anything is lost it’s minimal

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