Google Plus update ideas via online poll

Google Plus update ideas via online poll pic 1

Over on the official Google Plus profile, which has 8,210,804 followers with 296,299,682 total views, ideas have arisen after a poll was started. The Google+ poll question is, “What's the first thing you usually do when you visit Google+?”, followers could either vote by clicking one of the … [Read more...]

Why do you prefer Google Plus over Facebook?

Why do you prefer Google Plus over Facebook?

Millions of social media network users will always have their favorite, and when it comes to Google Plus and Facebook its users will debate and defend their choice. Earlier on today I asked a simple question on the new Google Plus poll feature, which said “Why do you prefer Google + over … [Read more...]

Google Plus Polls feature allows further engagement

Google Plus Polls feature allows further engagement

The new Google Plus Polls is a great feature that will further users engagement with those in their Circles and others, add any question you please with the option to add five answers. It was not long ago Google decided to add the new ‘Poll’ features to its social networking platform G Plus, … [Read more...]

YouGov spot on with Scottish Independence prediction

YouGov spot on with Scottish Independence prediction

The Scottish independence final poll sat with a 6-point gap at 46 per cent saying Yes and 54 per cent with a no vote. YouGov seems to have been spot on with its prediction, which they have been sharing on Twitter. The poll taken after people voted in the Scottish referendum shows a no victory … [Read more...]

Scottish Independence latest opinion poll on Twitter

Scottish Independence latest opinion poll on Twitter

The Scottish Independence latest opinion poll, which was released just before the vote suggests a slight win for the No campaign, but how does this fair with the Yes campaign? Polls for the Scottish independence referendum opened at 7am, and many Yes supporters are hoping for a victory, but the … [Read more...]

Google Tops US Reputable Companies List: Tech Rates Highly


We have news today of a new poll of the most reputable companies in the U.S. and technology giant Google tops the list, with other tech companies also rating highly. The Harris Interactive poll measured 60 leading companies and we can tell you some of the best, and some of the worst. … [Read more...]

Android Tablet Price More Important Than 3.0 Honeycomb


In the last day or so we’ve brought you a couple of stories about the Android surge, one about how the Android smartphone platform is now the biggest and has overtaken Symbian, and another about the success of Android tablets against the iPad. … [Read more...]

Social Networking: Nearly half think it’s sad


The growth of social networking over the last few years has been nothing less than mind-blowing with many people who once would not have dreamed of using sites such as Twitter and Facebook, now well and truly hooked. However it seems that not everybody is as enthusiastic about social networking as … [Read more...]

Google Instant: Poll Indicates Success


Google Instant launched on Wednesday of this week and so far proves to be hit amongst users to the web. For those of you who may not be aware of this feature, Google Instant will make searches faster. It does this by means of a user putting in a search and text automatically being typed for you in … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Mobile Social Network?: BGR Poll

Your Favorite Mobile Social Network- BGR Poll

One of the biggest things on the Internet today is defiantly social networking, not only for everyday users but for businesses as well. Social networking can be used as a means of fun to communicate with friends or family, as well as getting your brand out there. … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPad and iPhone LinkedIn poll on website access

Apple’s iPhone and iPad products have changed the way that consumers interact with devices. Instead of using a mouse to navigate the internet, they now use a touch screen. … [Read more...]

Facebook users predict top 9 for U.S. Masters


Now the U.S. Masters 2010 is well underway at Augusta National we thought we’d take a look at a recent poll of Facebook users as to who they thought would win the Masters, with the top 9 in reverse order, to build up the excitement of course. The poll was conducted by Cue drum roll... … [Read more...]