PSN maintenance before PS4 free-play weekend, Feb 12

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update pic 3

The PlayStation Network this Thursday February 12, 2022 is all set for its scheduled maintenance update, which is expected to last for around five hours. The start time for PSN maintenance begins at 9 AM EDT (12:30 PM PDT / 5 PM GMT) and could finish around 12 Noon EDT (3:30 PM EDT / 10 PM UK … [Read more...]

PlayStation network down again is like Christmas reunion

PlayStation network down again is like Christmas reunion pic 1

Remember back on Christmas Day 2014 when the PlayStation network was hit bad, where connectivity was stamped on with a giant boot? Well, it looks like the Christmas reunion is still ongoing another PSN outage happened today. Users were not able to login to their PlayStation to access services and … [Read more...]

PlayStation Network down: Lizard Squad hated by gamers

PlayStation Network hacked- Lizard Squad hated by gamers

Both PlayStation and Xbox gamers need to rejoice its attack on Lizard Squad, the hacking group claims they are responsible for taking down the PlayStation network and we all know they promise more will come around Christmas time. When you visit the PlayStation Store you will see an on-screen … [Read more...]

PSN is down, just accept the T&Cs

PSN is down yet again for gamers

Gamers are taking to Twitter complaining saying that PSN is down yet again, but this might not be the case. Over on Twitter PlayStation owners are saying the network is down again with some not being able to sign-in, others are tweeting that they cannot make any purchases. PSN may not be … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Hacking and Outage Again? No Guarantees


The recent hacking and subsequent outage of the Sony PlayStation Network service has been well-documented and even since the PSN has been back up-and-running we’ve given more news about the incident, including plans for the PSN to return to Asia, a new PSN status iPhone app and news about the free … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Status App for iPhone: Offline or Online


The recent hacking and subsequent outage of the Sony PlayStation network has been well-documented both during and following the incident. One of the most annoying things for many avid gamers during the outage was continuously checking to see if it was back online and now we hear news of a Sony PSN … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Saga Depicted: Financial Damage - Surprised?


The Sony PSN hacking and outage saga which recently led to 77 million users’ accounts being compromised has been well-documented and we posted many articles throughout the debacle. While the crisis was ongoing we asked about the possible financial costs to Sony and now we have news of a fascinating … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Back for Developers Reports: A Good Sign?

As the Sony PlayStation Network outage rumbles on we’ve been trying to keep you informed with the latest developments, and also speculation, about the situation. Although the service is not back online generally, it seems there may be a good sign today with news that some developers are saying they … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Coming Back Online in Phases: Final Testing Now in Japan

We’ve been keeping you in touch with all the latest developments about the hacking of the Sony PSN and subsequent outage and know from comments to our many articles how many of you are alarmed and also angry about the lack of information regarding when the service might resume. We have news today … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Not Online Yet: Who Will Go Back - Will You?


We’ve been posting many articles about the Sony PSN hacking and outage incident and know from the huge response just how many of you are frustrated, concerned and feel let down by the lack of service. We’ve had many comments from people who say they’ve had enough of Sony, Sony’s PSN and their PS3’s, … [Read more...]

As Sony PSN Not Back Online Panic Sets In

The Sony PlayStation Network hacking and outage saga goes on and we know from the response to our previous stories how many of you are angry and disappointed about what’s happened. What’s more it seems that Sony’s failure to get the PSN back online is leading to panic setting in among the millions … [Read more...]

PlayStation Network Status And Affects on Cloud Computing


The Sony Playstation Network fiasco just rumbles on and in our recent posts we’ve written about Sony needing to rebuild the brand, shown an image of why the PSN is down, and also asked if consumers still trust Sony, a question which arose when Sony asked users to trust them in a recent statement. … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Restoration Update Asks For Your Trust: Do They Have It?


The Sony PlayStation Network fiasco just goes on it seems and we’ve now posted many articles keeping you informed with the latest developments on the PSN outage. Yesterday OSM’s Tim Ollason told how internal testing was now taking place, information that came from the latest PlayStation blog … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Almost Over: Will Any Good Come From Hacking?


Here at OSM we’ve been keeping you informed with all the latest about the Sony PlayStation Network outage since the very beginning. Earlier today we told about the Sony Press Conference that had just taken place in Tokyo where Sony issued an apology and said that service will resume this week. … [Read more...]

Sony PSN News - Services to Resume: Is ‘Welcome Back’ Enough?


We’ve been keeping readers informed of all the developments regarding the Sony PlayStation Network outage, which has caused quite a furore over the last week or so. Today we have news of the latest Sony PSN update and it appears that services will resume this week and Sony has also initiated a … [Read more...]