Sony Bring In New PSN Rules: Lawsuit Shield After Outage


After their horror story earlier this year, Sony has made changes to its PSN terms in an effort to avoid more nightmares. The Japanese tech giant as you know, was the victim of a serious hack attack which saw their online PlayStation Network Service outed for almost a month. Millions of personal … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Fully Returns Wednesday In Japan: At Last


When Sony's PlayStation Secure Network first went down on the 20th April due to hackers attacking the service and compromising users' personal information, here at OSM we were keen to bring you the latest. Although for a large majority the service is now fully resumed, think about those in Japan … [Read more...]

Cheaper £179 PS3s Coming August- Effect On Xbox?


With endless comparisons between the PS3 and Xbox 360 always surfacing, it looks like the 2 games consoles could soon be reaching common ground. The price has at times been one of the deciding factors in why there are more Xbox 360 than PlayStation 3 owners, but now it looks like both could be on … [Read more...]

Bomb Threat: Sent From Sony PS3 - Police Traced The IP


With the recent acts of cyber terrorism it’s no surprise that when there was a bomb threat in Japan the police were able to trace the IP address back to a Sony PS3. Not only that but they were able to pin point the home it resided in and made a swift move to make the arrest and protect the public … [Read more...]

Super Slim Sony PlayStation 3 Hits Japan: US & Europe Next?


Despite Sony’s recent problems regarding the PSN outage and being hit a couple of times by LulzSec they have still found time to develop different products. One of them is the new super slim Sony PlayStation 3 that’s hit Japan, we are wondering if the US & Europe are next … [Read more...]

Sony Reveals It Is The Top Netflix Streamer At E3 2011


Plenty of new detail has come out of Sony's keynote at E3 2011 earlier, in particular the unveiling of their "Playstation Vita" NGP which OSM's Tim Ollason has reported on for you. Sony also revealed another interesting fact, that they are the leading Netflix streamer. … [Read more...]

E3 2011: Resistance 3 Bundle & Price: PS Move & 3D Compatible


With 2011's E3 event well under way, we have had an opportunity to take a peak at some of the best looking products from the gaming show. The big headline so far has been all about Sony's NGP which has been called the "Playstation Vita". Besides this a tasty looking Resistance 3 bundle caught our … [Read more...]

Sony Welcome Back Program Now Live: Details Enclosed


Sony PlayStation 3 owners something you have all been waiting for since your beloved PSN was hacked and shut down was not only it coming back up but Sony’s “thanks for staying with us” package otherwise known as the “Welcome Back Package." … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation 3 Portable: eBay Current Price $1,600


Sony has been a massive talking point for a lot of people across the world in recent times mainly because of their PSN outage that was caused by the servers being breached. Sony has since rebuilt the infrastructure and today announced that the PlayStation Store will be up and running along with some … [Read more...]

Sony Says PSN Store Back Up With Full Services Live This Week


We at OSM have been trying hard to keep you up to date with any details about the Sony PSN since it went down well over a month ago. Things started out when Sony’s server was compromised and they took the decision to simply turn them off to try and prevent any data being swiped but later confirmed … [Read more...]

Official PlayStation 3 Cans: Price & Release Date


When you think of gaming and the best equipment that money can buy what do you think of? Perhaps products for PC gamers from Razer or maybe you look at some less well known ones if price is a consideration. What about when you are gaming on your Sony PlayStation 3 and you want the best sounds … [Read more...]

Sony Sweating Over PSN Password Reset Blunder


When it comes the Sony PSN outage where their network was compromised we have reported on the different stages from when it was first taken down and they had to rebuild the infrastructure all the way through to when it was brought back up online. Now we have something new to tell you about that Sony … [Read more...]

Appreciate The PSN Is Not Back Up Online


As the Sony PSN outage continues with no official date as to when the service will be resumed, many gamers have been left disappointed and unhappy as to the way in which Sony have dealt with the situation. Since the service went down on the 20th April, we have had a huge response from our readers … [Read more...]

Sony Restoration Timeline Update For PSN To Be Back Online


As you are all aware the Sony PSN has now been down for quite some time and with people growing more and more frustrated by the day there are many people making the switch from Sony to Microsoft hardware, the opposing games console in the Xbox 360 … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops PS3 Package Offered For May: Along With PSN?


Sony has been through the mill recently with their PlayStation Network suffering the effects of a massive security breach. As we recently reported on a PSN Restoration Update our own Debbie Turner asked, have we lost trust in Sony, and are we disappointed at the lack of information about its return? … [Read more...]

New Sony PSN Internal Testing: Finally Something Happening


With regards to the Sony PlayStation network being down we have brought you various reports about it. We have informed you regularly of any updates that Sony provide and pull any information out of it that we can such as the fact that they have had to completely re-build the infrastructure which … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Update: Anonymous Say “It Wasn’t Us”


We have written various reports about what is happening with the PSN that Sony are seemingly desperate to try to restore following it being taken down after an external intrusion. Now that Sony is re-building the infrastructure of the network there were raised hopes that it would become safer and … [Read more...]

Sony Clarifies PSN Outage With Q&A Page: Missed Anything?


Ok frustrated Sony followers, we are aware that there have been quite a few updates now and you are possible getting sick of hearing it but until the service is back up and running you will want to know the latest news … [Read more...]

PSN Still Down: PlayStation Blog Provides Regular Updates


For all of you angry PlayStation fans who were hoping to play some COD Black Ops yesterday, today and perhaps over the next few days. There have been rumors that this outage was caused by hackers that wished to compromise the network although there’s no evidence of this yet … [Read more...]

Sony Giving Downloadable Content With PS Move Starter Pack


Sony has opted to do what many more are, and ditch physical discs in favour of downloadable content. … [Read more...]

Sony & LG Row: PS3s Stop Shipping For 10 Days


If you are in the process of buying yourself a PS3 then hurry and get one right now, as we will soon be facing a shortage. LG has won an appeal to have all new PlayStation 3s entering Europe confiscated by customs officers for at least the next 10 days. … [Read more...]

Silver Satin PS3 Release: Not In U.S. or UK Yet


Sony has been extremely busy recently, only a few days ago we saw Sony showcasing their latest device in the handheld gaming market; the PSP2 (NGP). They have also released an update to the PS3 that is thought to be to resolve some security issues and we are expecting some kind of announcement at … [Read more...]

Sony PS3 Cloud Storage: Coming with 3.60 firmware update


Only yesterday we brought PS3 owners news of a PSN Facebook app, and the PS3 is in the news again today. Many PS3 enthusiasts may be very pleased as it seems that ‘cloud’ storage is coming with the 3.60 firmware update. A ‘cloud’ service has long been speculated for the Sony PlayStation 3 and … [Read more...]

UK Lovefilm Movie Streaming Available On PS3


Sony PlayStation 3 can now be enjoyed with Lovefilm's movie streaming app as from today. This means that users will now be able to enjoy thousands of film titles plus games from the rental company and watch them through their gaming console. … [Read more...]

All PS3 users in the US to get Hulu Plus next week


Hulu has brought good news this week by announcing that they are planning to jam pack their service Hulu Plus with more content and onto more devices. … [Read more...]