PayPal CEO David Marcus congratulated on Facebook position

PayPal CEO David Marcus congratulated on Facebook position

Mark Zuckerberg got together with PayPal CEO David Marcus and after a successful vision of persuasion Marcus has taken on a new path with Facebook to lead messaging products. When David Marcus is on board we will all get to see how Facebook can make money from its Messenger app, two ways … [Read more...]

PayPal Begins The Mobile Payment Revolution On Android

Paypal logo

Paypal is a very popular service which allows for the exchange of money between people and companies. It’s used for many services, and it has even broken the 100 million active user milestone. Last week Maddy Rowe wrote an article here on OSM that predicted that NFC could take over completely by … [Read more...]

PayPal Hit 100 Million Active Users Milestone


The e-commerce site PayPal has announced that it has achieved the 100 million active users milestone. It appears that the payments site has been growing in users rapidly, with nearly 1 million new users every month. … [Read more...]

PayPal Serve Google Lawsuit After Stealing Digital Wallet Idea


Last week Google unveiled their NFC for Android feature which lets you use your smartphone as a means of payment. The revolutionary new technology has already hit the rocks as PayPal has stepped out and claimed that NFC has their stolen idea. … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks Cyberwar: How Much Worse Could It Get?


Since the last round of WikiLeaks leaks we have been bringing you news almost daily it seems about attempts to impede WikiLeaks. The U.S. government has made it perfectly clear how displeased it is with WikiLeaks and following pressure from various sources Amazon booted WikiLeaks from its servers, … [Read more...]

Wikileaks website woes worsen: Now banned by PayPal


We’ve been bringing you news about Wikileaks, the whistle-blowing website for some time now and know that it’s a controversial subject. While some feel the site goes too far and threatens U.S. national security, others feel that it’s a good thing that many of the leaks so far should have been … [Read more...]

PayPal iPhone check-depositing app a huge hit


There are increasing developments in banking technology all the time, with recent news for example of a futuristic credit card. Now it appears that PayPal has a huge hit on its hands with its recent check-depositing facility within an iPhone application. Having to get to the bank to pay in checks … [Read more...]