Pandora music service after iPhone, and Spotify competition

Never has one handset been able to change the fortunes of so many services, but the iPhone has managed to do that. If you do not believe us, then maybe the founder of Pandora will, as he has acknowledged that since Apple launched the iPhone their music service doubled overnight. Tim Westergren said … [Read more...]

Connect With Your Favorite Music Bands Via Twitters “TweetLouder” App

Do you enjoy listening to music, and wish you had more time on your hands to connect with your favorite individual musicians or even bands? Are you a Twitter user, but really do not want the hassle of sifting through pages on the site to find information about what their doing and where their … [Read more...]

Pandora On The Path To IPO: Market heats up

It seems that Pandora, the Internet radio service, is the latest big name heading towards an IPO, after we recently reported similar news for Facebook. After IPO's for Skype and LinkedIn have also been speculated for this year we hear that Pandora has now registered with the Securities and Exchange … [Read more...]

Spotify U.S. Delays: Do Americans still care?


For those outside of Europe, Spotify is a free music service which allows you to stream music through your computer for free, with adverts on the page and audio ads between roughly every third song. It’s a great service as you can get access to most of the music that you want for free, and you … [Read more...]

How Pandora works on iPhone iOS 4 update

How-Pandora-works-on-Phone- iOS-4--update

The long awaited iPhone iOS 4 was released today much to the joy of it’s eager followers. Exciting features that iPhone users have for some time been requesting, include multi-tasking (background tasks) as well as having the facility to stream music. … [Read more...]