BlackBerry’s BBM Called For Shutdown: London Rioter’s Best Weapon?


We are all by now well aware and engrossed in the shocking scenes of rioting all over London. Disturbing images of buildings on fire, mobs smashing up shops and young kids looting are dominating all news stations worldwide. My colleague Tim Ollason earlier asked the question if social media was … [Read more...]

Social Media Used In Prison: Inmates Offend From Inside


Social media and social networking has many uses, recently we have heard Pope Benedict’s views on the subject as well asking you if you think social media is the best placed in the sports industry. We have also reported on the darker side of social networking, which is partly to blame for the tragic … [Read more...]

Anti-Virus Software: Warnings Over Scams


Listen up people, some UK research has been done into organized crime on the Internet and more specifically around Anti-Virus software. Apparently SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency) has released some research where around 1 in 4 adult web users has been approached by a person claiming to be … [Read more...]