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"Orange" News

October 15th Revealed As iPhone 5 Release Date: Orange Official

[ 0 ] September 14, 2021

The European network providers are really treating us with their inability to keep information a secret at the moment. No sooner had Vodafone leaked iPhone 5 details on their website, talkative France Telecom (Orange parent company) boss, Stéphane Richard, has revealed that the handset will release on October 15th. That makes the long awaited launch…

White Samsung Galaxy S II Launches In UK: O2, Orange & Three

[ 0 ] August 31, 2021

Talk about the Samsung Galaxy S II has been rife over the last few days. Earlier it was announced that it would finally launch in the US on September 16th with LTE, today it launches in the UK in white! The only change to the smartphone is the color, the hardware is the same and…

Vodafone & Orange To Charge More On PAYG

[ 0 ] July 4, 2021

If you are an Orange or Vodafone customer who is on pay as you go, look away now. Both mobile networks have been given the green light to start charging even more money for calling and sending text messages.

Cornwall To Trial 4G In September: The First Step For The UK?

[ 0 ] May 26, 2022

Here in the UK, we still look far from enjoying the super fast wireless delights of 4G technology, but a start has been made! In September the first 4G LTE broadband technology will be tested in Cornwall.

iPhone 5 Reduced Size Thanks To SIM Chip: Orange Discuss

[ 0 ] May 24, 2022

Speculation over the forthcoming iPhone 5 still rages on! In recent months its been a job to keep up with constant rumors as to its possible specs, release date, price, name, carrier(s) and so on. Today it has been reported that its appearance, mainly its size, has been bought into question yet again.

Motorola Atrix Coming To Orange UK May: Bargain Accessory Deal

[ 0 ] April 18, 2022

Motorola’s Atrix smartphone, one of the big devices to come out of this year and dubbed the “most powerful,” will now be released over in the UK on network Orange. Crossed over from America, the Atrix handset is now available to pre-order in time for its official release early part of next month.

HTC Sensation Arrives On Orange, O2 & T-Mobile This June

[ 0 ] April 13, 2022

We have some great news for those of you eagerly awaiting the release of HTC’s newest smartphone the Sensation. We know that Vodafone have exclusivity on the Sensation when it is launched in May, but that will only be for a period of one month. HTC’s new flagship phone will be coming to Orange, O2…

Three UK iPad 2 Release: 15GB Data Best Deal By Far

[ 0 ] March 25, 2022

So as we are all aware the iPad 2 has landed on British soil, and for those who haven’t been up till the early hours waiting to place an order with Apple’s online store, there is the option to shop around for the best price plan.

Apple iPad 2 On Orange UK: Could Price Plans Rival Vodafone Offer?

Apple iPad 2 On Orange UK: Could Price Plans Rival Vodafone Offer?

[ 2 ] March 25, 2022

Following the unfortunate technical problems that people have recently encountered when trying to order their iPad 2 from the UK Apple Store, it may seem people feel a little lost when deciding what avenue to take to get their hands on this new Apple device.

iPad 3G UK Carriers Reduce Price: iPad 2 Close?

iPad 3G UK Carriers Reduce Price: iPad 2 Close?

[ 0 ] February 21, 2022

With the iPad 2 expected to arrive in the next few weeks, its no surprise to hear of first generation iPad‘s bearing a price reduction. Although we have had no official launch date for the iPad 2, UK carriers Orange and T-Mobile have been reported as selling the 16GB iPad with the inclusion of 3G…

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