Samsung Galaxy S: Includes Opera Mini


Samsung Galaxy S users will now be able to download Opera Mini on to their Smartphone’s. Opera has introduced its mobile web browser to the Galaxy S as a direct download from the Opera website, it will also come preloaded on the devices through certain markets. … [Read more...]

Opera Mini for iPhone: First Review

It’s been the belief of many iPhone users that they will never get to see the Opera Mini browser for iPhone, but this has been proven wrong in the last 24-hours. Apple has approved the mobile browser app. … [Read more...]

Opera Mobile 10 and Mini 5 Lose Beta Tag

Opera Mobile 10 and Mini 5 Lose Beta Tag

Are you a user of Opera Mini – the web browser designed for mobile phones, smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) by any chance? If you are, then the chances are you’ve already made the switch over from Opera Mini 4.2, to Opera Mini 5. … [Read more...]