Nokia Poll Reveals Whats Good About Microsoft Partnership


Unless you have been living under some rock for the last month then you will certainly be aware of Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft, to gain a feel of how people felt about this the Finnish side of this duo recently held a poll, … [Read more...]

Nokia CEO Announces Cheap & Fast WP7 Phones


We have some more positives to take from the recent Nokia Microsoft venture and it is a good one for the consumer. The Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has shared our views on the fact that the Windows Phone 7 is too expensive, and as a result he has pledged that the prices of the new handsets will be … [Read more...]

Nokia Developers Gifted Nokia E7 & WP7 Handsets


We are back to the Nokia and Microsoft partnership and following on from the 1,000 striking Nokia workers who walked out following announcement about the deal. Well today is a good day to be a Nokia developer, all developers are now being given a Nokia E7 and a Nokia WP7 handset as soon as it … [Read more...]

Victim Of Nokia Redundancy? Skype Can Help You


If you happen to be a Nokia employee who works in the Symbian department then you may be fearing for your job right now, after the news that your company has just made a deal with Microsoft which involves them making your job obselete. Luckily if the dreaded day does come, Skype is on hand to pick … [Read more...]

Google CEO Leaves The Android Door Open For Nokia

With the recent news of the alliance between Nokia and Microsoft, it looks like a done deal which will last for a long time. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stirred things up a bit by saying that the offer is still open for Nokia to join Google instead and adopt Android as their primarly operating … [Read more...]

Why Nokia Went With Microsoft Instead Of Google Android


Remember a few days ago when we reported to you about the potential mashup between Windows Phone 7 and Nokia? Well as you are probably aware it has become a reality making this perhaps the final opportunity for Microsoft and Nokia to break into the smartphone market this time collectively … [Read more...]

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept Unveiled


Following on from a previous post about the Nokia and Windows Phone 7 collaboration it would appear that an image has leaked online, this image revealed to us what could possibly be the concept behind this latest company partnership. … [Read more...]

Nokia / Microsoft Vs Apple, Google RIM: Who Will Benefit?


With the recent alliance of two of the biggest names in the industry Microsoft and Nokia should have all their competitors running scared, although it seems this may not be the case and the likes of Apple, Google and RIM could also benefit from this partnership. … [Read more...]

Over 1,000 Nokia Workers Walk Out After Microsoft Deal


Thousands of Nokia employees have walked out after fears that the new partnership with Microsoft will cause the employees who work on Symbian to lose their jobs. … [Read more...]

Nokia & Windows Phone 7: Last Shot At Smartphone Market


With the recent announcement of a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia you have to wonder, is this last chance saloon for the pair of them in the world of smartphones? We have already reported on the pairing and what it means as well as the MeeGo platform being cancelled … [Read more...]

Nokia / Windows Alliance: What it Means


Following on from a previous post we brought you about a possible Nokia/Windows alliance, it now seems apparent that this will be happening. … [Read more...]

MeeGo Phone Cancelled By Nokia


We previously speculated in a previous article by Mike Smith that Nokia would be dropping the MeeGo OS in favor of Windows Phone 7. It looks like this may start to actually happen as we are hearing reports that Nokia has now dropped MeeGo … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7: Potential Nokia US Mashup


There is big speculation online at the moment that Nokia will drop its MeeGo OS in favour of Microsoft’s much established Windows Phone 7, having been branded "the biggest joke in the industry right now" by investment analyst Adnaan Ahmad (Who works for Berenberg Bank). … [Read more...]

Nokia N8, C7, C6-01: Symbian Update Released


When it comes to phones Nokia are no mugs, whilst they may have fallen slightly behind the likes of Apple in recent times... who hasn’t? Nokia phones are still popular in lots of regions in the world and we try to inform you of as many things about their devices as possible such as new colors, … [Read more...]

Nokia “MeeGo” Tablet Spotted: The Real Deal Or Not?


As we start to look back at what the month of January has had to offer us in terms of tech news, the CES event at the beginning has really taken precedence over everything else. Smartphones, TV's, Blu-Ray players, Cameras and Tablet devices gave us a lot to think about. In the next few months we … [Read more...]

Nokia Withdraws Free Music Downloads For Latest Devices


Finnish company Nokia, are now one of the largest manufacturers of the mobile handset. They offer their devices in over 150 countries, employ 123,000 members of staff in 120 countries, and in terms of revenue, globally they are worth billions. But today's news has come of quite a surprise? For … [Read more...]

Nokia X7 On AT&T: New Pictures Surface

Just about everyone has previously had a Nokia phone, at one point a Nokia was the phone to have but with the way the world has advanced technologically, these guys seem to have been left behind. Of course Apple is the current market leader but Android will be snapping at their heels this year … [Read more...]

Android Market Vs. Apple’s App Store: Growth Rate Results


With the mobile phone market increasing in handsets, so do app titles and quantities according to a recent research study of 2010 carried out by Distimo. The mobile phone business is huge and with the Consumer Electronics Show been and gone already, it seems that it will be expanding further. On … [Read more...]

Nokia Use Facebook For Advertising & Hiring Staff?


As we all know, the world is moving more and more towards the use of social networking and social media. So far we know how much businesses use LinkedIn for checking people out before hiring them, but now we have caught wind that Nokia are using Facebook to communicate with its potential employees … [Read more...]

Nokia E7 Release Date Delay: N8 Repeat

We first informed you about the Nokia E7 smartphone back in September and then more recently told how it would be appearing on the 3 mobile network. However although it’s now due for release in early 2011 it had been anticipated it would have been released before the end of 2010, and so this is … [Read more...]

3 Celebrating Nokia E7 Arrival Early 2011

3 mobile network are pleased to announce the latest addition to their already increasing mobile phone market. We are talking about Nokia's new E7, a handset which will be available early 2011. As well as some fantastic features to embrace, Nokia are hoping that the new E7 will be favourable … [Read more...]

Apple vs. Nokia: Patent War Starts

Back in October 2009 a war irrupted between Nokia and Apple, the conflict stemmed from smartphone patents where each company claimed infringements against the other. … [Read more...]

Symbian Foundation Shutting Down Dec 17


The sad demise of Symbian, the recently open-sourced OS, is growing sadder still with news that the Symbian Foundation, which hosts its online presence is to shut down on December 17. Websites and online presence will be pulled and the Symbian Foundation has announced that the source code will be … [Read more...]

Nokia X7-00: Specs, Photos and Video


The as yet unannounced Nokia X7-00 phone may have been seen in the wild showing how nicely it copes with “Need for Speed”. It has not been absolutely confirmed that this is the X7-00 but the general consensus seems to be that it is. … [Read more...]

Nokia Tablet: Carrier deals may suffer because of dented reputation


Nokia may be in trouble with its upcoming tablet device because of recent poor showing with its new products. In fact so much so that it may find it difficult to find carriers willing to pick up the new tablet for distribution. … [Read more...]