Affordable Nokia Lumia 710 with bright back covers

Finnish company Nokia it seems have been busy little bees, with an announcement of some new mobile phone handsets on the way. Officially unveiled at the Nokia World conference in London just a short time ago, the new range of phones will arrive with the new Mango OS as well as specs to appeal to … [Read more...]

New Nokia Lumia 800 with new free additions

Just announced at the recent Nokia World conference in London, the Finnish company Nokia have introduced a new handset into the mix, that of the new Lumia 800 and it impresses on first appearances. … [Read more...]

Windows phone from Nokia to release at World conference

We have now learned that the Windows phone from Nokia will launch next week, which will happen during their 2011 World Conference. Let’s hope that they will also inform us as to which version of Windows Phone it will be running, as well as a release date for the new smartphone. A lot is riding on … [Read more...]

Nokia N9 September 23 But No US? Beats Galaxy S II Camera


Towards the end of June, it was announced that Nokia would be bringing their latest mobile phone device to market, named the “N9.” Hoping to entice customers back to Nokia which up until now, have taken a back seat in relation to other big names such as Apple, Motorola, HTC and LG, the Nokia N9 … [Read more...]

Apple Richer Than US Government: World’s No.1 Smartphone Seller

Things are looking as good as ever for Apple, not only did they recently post record profits in their quarterly reports, they have also been dubbed the world's largest smartphone vendor by an analyst firm. The Cupertino based firm have been so profitable from sales of their products that they now … [Read more...]

Mango Update For Windows Phone 7 Is Good To Go

Microsoft have successfully developed their newest version of their Windows Phone OS, codenamed "Mango". It has passed the manufacturing stage and will be available for devices worldwide this fall. The RTM (release to manufacturing stage) means that Microsoft have completed the development of the … [Read more...]

Nokia Sea Ray Spot with Windows Phone Mango: Plus Video

It seems the world of smartphones is to welcome yet another new handset, step forward the Nokia Sea Ray. This smartphone has been leaked in a Chinese video and appears to be very similar in styling to the Nokia N9. However where the N9 is a phone that will run on MeeGo the Sea Ray prototype runs … [Read more...]

UK & Europe First In Line For Nokia’s Windows Phones

Nokia's line of anticipated Windows Phone handsets will launch towards the end of this year, with the UK and other European countries being amongst the first to get their hands on them. … [Read more...]

New Nokia Speaker: Uses NFC & Bluetooth To Connect Your Phone

Different audio devices are becoming more and more popular as are the different technological features that we are starting to see on smartphones. Now we have the new Nokia speaker that uses NFC & Bluetooth to connect with your phone which is pretty interesting … [Read more...]

Apple Owes Nokia A Fortune After Patent License Deal

At the end of every lawsuit is normally a settlement and after so many new ones being filed recently we finally have the end of one. Nokia's battle with Apple is finally at an end as the 2 companies signed a patent license agreement. … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 Smartphone Success Will Help Samsung Overtake Nokia

The Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II is certainly the smartphone that everybody is talking about at the moment, especially as the iPhone 5 release still seems to be some distance away. The U.S. is still waiting for the release of this impressive Android handset although release rumors abound and today we … [Read more...]

Nokia CEO: “Apple Created Android”

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was speaking at the Open Mobile Summit 2011 in London earlier today, coming out with something quite surprising indeed. "Apple created Android". … [Read more...]

Nokia Suffer Bad 2nd Quarter Figures & Share Crash

Nokia really are not having the best of times at the moment. Not only are they being battered in the smartphone market, they have just recently suffered poor 2nd quarter figures, as well as a drop in their share prices. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Magic: Unlock & Share New Levels With NFC

With all of the hype surrounding NFC this week, we have attempted to keep you informed on stories like the Android release and the lawsuit filed by PayPal claiming that Google stole their idea. We now have some more cheerful news as NFC is being used as a new feature in the upcoming Angry Birds … [Read more...]

Nokia E6 Price And Pre-Order Hits UK

Here at OSM we like to bring you all the latest news on a wide range of mobile phones, in previous posts we have kept you up to date with what is going on in the mobile world by brining you information on devices like the Nokia Oro, Samsung SPH-D600 and the Motorola Photon 4G. … [Read more...]

Nokia Oro: Gold-Plated Symbian Phone

Here at OSM we like to keep our readers up to date with all the current developments within the mobile phone market, recently we have reported quiet a lot on Finnish company Nokia. In previous posts we have brought you news on many of their devices like the C7, E6 and X7. … [Read more...]

Nokia Cutting Back 7,000 Jobs- Some Symbian Workers Moved

Nokia are set to shake hands and say goodbye to 7000 of their employees in a huge job cut. We brought you the news a while back that Nokia were dumping their outdated Symbian OS, using Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 as their new smartphone software. … [Read more...]

Nokia E6 Official Specs, Video & Release: Awesome Pixel Density

We’ve recently brought you news on the Nokia C7 and also the Nokia E7 but today’s news is all about the Nokia E6, which has now been made official. The business-centric phone running on the Symbian Anna update has been announced for release in Q2. … [Read more...]

Nokia E7 Release and Price for US: Available Now

We have news today of a new smartphone that has been made available in the US from Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia. The handset was previously available in other areas back in February but has now been released in the US and it’s called the Nokia E7. … [Read more...]

T-Mobile’s Nokia C7 Astound Gets A Hands On Review

Nokia are still one of the big boys in terms of cell phones and their new model the C7 Astound has already been priced for T-Mobile with a release date of April 6th. We also know some of the specs and that it will be shipping with the Symbian OS … [Read more...]

Nokia C7: Priced & Heading For T-Mobile In April

We all know about the success of Apple devices in the cell phone market but they have plenty of rivals. One of them is the new HTC Thunderbolt which has been released today and has had a bit of a price war between Verizon, Best Buy and also Amazon who have undercut the competition.Now we come to … [Read more...]

Nokia X1-00: Release Date, Price And Specs

When Nokia teamed up with Microsoft we all thought this would spell the end for release's of level entry phones by the Finnish mobile giant, proving us all wrong the company has just announced the X1-00 and we have the release date, price and specs to bring you. … [Read more...]

Nokia E6-00 Leaked: Full QWERTY & Refreshed Symbian


Are you a fan of Nokia? If you are then you will be pleased to know that the Nokia E7 pre-order page is now available and you may wish to seek more information about their new Symbian UI which will features on the Nokia N8 … [Read more...]

Nokia E7: Pre-Order Page Available Now With Price

Quite a few Nokia fans have been looking forward to the Nokia E7, we previously saw it listed on Amazon without a delivery date and we also reported that the Nokia developers were to be gifted E7 and WP7 handsets … [Read more...]

Nokia Flaunt New Symbian UI On N8


Earlier this month when Nokia joined forces with Microsoft we all thought that this could of spelt out the untimely death of Symbian, in order to prove us wrong Nokia have been seen flaunting a new Symbian user interface on the N8. … [Read more...]