iPhone 5 “Weeks Away”- Larger Screen, 8MP Camera, NFC & More


The iPhone 5 is "just weeks away" according to sources inside Apple, are you still waiting patiently? It was been widely concluded that an October launch is on the cards, a boss from UK network Orange leaking the release date on the 15th. The phones features still remain a mystery with many … [Read more...]

PayPal Begins The Mobile Payment Revolution On Android

Paypal logo

Paypal is a very popular service which allows for the exchange of money between people and companies. It’s used for many services, and it has even broken the 100 million active user milestone. Last week Maddy Rowe wrote an article here on OSM that predicted that NFC could take over completely by … [Read more...]

NFC Mobile Phone Payment Take Over: 2015 Domination?


When we leave our houses there is a number of items that we seemingly cant live without when we close that front door. Obviously our door keys are the main one closely followed by our mobile, purse or wallet which depending on who you are can be placed in a bag or pocket. If we end up departing … [Read more...]

New Nokia Speaker: Uses NFC & Bluetooth To Connect Your Phone


Different audio devices are becoming more and more popular as are the different technological features that we are starting to see on smartphones. Now we have the new Nokia speaker that uses NFC & Bluetooth to connect with your phone which is pretty interesting … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Magic: Unlock & Share New Levels With NFC


With all of the hype surrounding NFC this week, we have attempted to keep you informed on stories like the Android release and the lawsuit filed by PayPal claiming that Google stole their idea. We now have some more cheerful news as NFC is being used as a new feature in the upcoming Angry Birds … [Read more...]

PayPal Serve Google Lawsuit After Stealing Digital Wallet Idea


Last week Google unveiled their NFC for Android feature which lets you use your smartphone as a means of payment. The revolutionary new technology has already hit the rocks as PayPal has stepped out and claimed that NFC has their stolen idea. … [Read more...]

Google Wallet & Offers Get Green Light: NFC Trials Begin Today


Only yesterday we told about the expected launch of Google’s Android NFC mobile payments system and today we have news that Google Wallet and Offers have now got the green light and that trials are starting from today. If you haven’t yet heard of NFC, it’s a system whereby you can use your … [Read more...]

Android NFC Expected To Be Showcased By Google Tomorrow


Google are looking set to unveil their revolutionary NFC technology at a New York event tomorrow. This effectively turns your smartphone into a method of payment, simply scanning it in shops that accept NFC. … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 (4GS): NFC Will Not Be Present


There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the up and coming device from Apple that if we are honest nobody really knows what it will and won’t have in terms of specs and features. We like many others speculate about what could, should and will be there and undoubtedly some of it is right whilst some … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 NFC Inclusion: Imperative


Rumors of the new forthcoming iPhone 5 from Apple have been rife for quite some time, and although there is still no official word as to when the phone will release, the news just keeps on coming. In recent months we have brought you reports of the possible specs that may and may not make an … [Read more...]

NFC Payment System: Isis 2012 First Launch for Salt Lake City


Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about NFC or near-field communication and just a couple of recent posts have been about the possibility of it coming to the Apple iPhone 5 and also Samsung and Visa bringing NFC technology to the 2012 Olympics in London. Today’s news is about the launch of the Isis … [Read more...]

NFC Competes With 2012 London Olympics With Samsung & Visa


One of the biggest sporting events to take place on the calendar is of course the 2012 London Olympics, and here at OSM we have brought you news on how and where to obtain your tickets and how the London Underground will be implementing at least 120 WiFi hot-spots across the city to help you connect … [Read more...]

iPhone 5: NFC Inclusion Will It Or Won’t It?


One such forthcoming device that seems to keep grabbing our attention is that of Apple's next generation iPhone 5. Although no official release date has been set in stone, many reports are indicating that the beginning of June is a hot favorite. Putting this to one side and concentrating on what … [Read more...]

Google NFC Easy Swipe Devices For Payment: iPhone 5 Trailing


There has been quite a bit of activity surrounding the Near Field Communication system and its possibilities. Just a couple of days ago we reported on how Apple’s iPhone 5, once rumored to support this technology, was unlikely to receive it when released. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release Needed NFC, 6 Reasons Why


In a report that we posted earlier today it was suggested that Apple’s latest version iPhone would not be receiving NFC technology. For those of you that are not yet up to speed in regards to this veritably new feature, lets just skim over the facts. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 NFC Technology: Procrastination to iPhone 6


With news of Apple's iPhone 5 hot on the heels of its predecessor, yet more information has come to light today. Over the last few months, we have strived to give you updates as and when we get them in relation to rumored specifications, appearance, price and of course the big question of a release … [Read more...]

Foursquare Testing NFC: Your Thoughts?


Following on from the 3.0 update to Foursquare, its recent growth to around 7 million users and the different ways that pubs, restaurants and Sony are using the masters of geo-location, we are now hearing through Foursquare of something new that they are planning to do … [Read more...]

Hands Free Car Control With NFC Concept


We have all seen key-less entry for our cars, the use of keys in locks seems to be a process that is on its way out. By simply having a key or card about your person, it allows you to gain access to the vehicle and in more and more cases gives you the ability to start the engine with a touch of a … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 News: Visa testing NFC payments


Although it’s still a few more months until its release the Apple iPhone 5 is already the subject of much discussion and we’ve published many recent articles with news and speculation about this much-awaited handset. Our most recent articles include a roundup of features we expect on the iPhone 5 … [Read more...]

Nexus S NFC: Other Uses Demonstrated


Lots of people have been talking about NFC and how it may feature in the next iPhone and iPad, NFC is otherwise known as Near Field Communication and is normally thought of as a method of payment … [Read more...]

New iPhone 5 & iPad 2: NFC mobile payments rumor


Rumors are still abounding about the items that everybody is talking about, the next-generation iPhone and iPad, the iPhone 5 and iPad 2. We’ve been bringing you all the news (and speculation) and recent stories include estimated release dates for both, based on production and whether in fact the … [Read more...]

Android 2.3 Gingerbread release: Could be today - Dec 6


Here at OSM we’ve been avidly waiting for the release of the next Android operating system, Android 2.3, dubbed Gingerbread, which we’ve been expecting very soon. We’ve already seen leaked footage of Gingerbread running on devices such as the Samsung Nexus S and the new PlayStation phone and also … [Read more...]

NFC Android Phones: Next Generation and You?


Firstly, if you didn’t know NFC stands for Near Field Communication, this is one of the things that will be coming to the Android platform as communicated by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the web summit. This is the next generation of phones so how will this effect you … [Read more...]