The London Riots: Fuelled By Social Media Or Not?


Many people around the world are glued to the Internet and their TV sets tracking all of the happenings in London and around England as the riots continue. We have just seen some reports on a UK News channel that the London riots are being fuelled by social media but are they really? … [Read more...]

Twitter Issues Guide for Newsrooms: Social Media Impact on News


It seems to be the case that social media is having more and more of an impact on news and how it’s reported and we recently reported on Twitter and Facebook driving traffic to news sites. Now it seems that Twitter has recognized just how much of a useful tool it has become for journalists and has … [Read more...]

Election Day 2010: Multiple news organizations using social media


Today, November 2, is mid-term Election Day 2010 in the U.S. and no doubt people across the country will be heading out to the polls soon to cast their votes. Yesterday we told how the use of social media is growing in political campaigning and it’s also true that social media news coverage of … [Read more...] - Planned social news service from New York Times


We have recently been bringing you news about the newspaper industry’s battle to survive, firstly with our story about how advertising revenue is falling for newspapers and then yesterday telling how in the future the traditional physical newspaper may be gone forever, to be replaced with online … [Read more...]

ITV News Social Media Bulletins: Emergency Budget Impact

ITV News Social Media Bulletins

In an age where social media is becoming more and more popular in everyday life, it really doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that ITV News is introducing social media to its news bulletins, as part of its year-long project aimed at measuring the impact of Government spending cuts. … [Read more...]