Netflix is down and causing problems for some

It looks like Netflix is having issues since 3:10 AM EST, not too sure if this is a global problem but it is most definitely happening for some. The major issues seem to be lying with video streaming with some users getting no Netflix connection at all. Over on Down Detector they report 46% of … [Read more...]

CRTC vs. Google, Netflix after refusal

CRTC vs. Google, Netflix after refusal

Both Google and Netflix refused to supply any data backing its claims, and since doing so the CRTC have told the two companies they will not be using its submissions at nay hearing to do with the future of TV in Canada. Broadcast regulators CRTC has removed all presentations made by Netflix and … [Read more...]

Gotham for Netflix and trending Batman 4D roller coaster

Gotham for Netflix and trending Batman 4D roller coaster

Socially connected Netflix is flexing its muscles at the moment with the upcoming prequel Gotham, as soon as the first season finishes on TV the sequel will release. No even one episode has hit the airwaves yet and already Netflix has bagged the rights to stream dram "Gotham." The new drama … [Read more...]

Netflix down for those in Arizona

Netflix down for those in Arizona

Netflix movies for some are not being shown at the moment due to the server being down, and it seems those living in Arizona are having the most issues. The main issues include the Nexflix server being down, for those that can access the site are not able to stream movies properly, but the main … [Read more...]

Netflix streaming quality poor for some


Netflix isn't down today based on our last check, but you won't need to look far to see a lot of users complaining about Netflix streaming quality being poor and this in some cases might be due to the company themselves. We say "some" thanks to a number of tests and polls we've run over the last … [Read more...]

Netflix price increase creates backlash, stock drops


Yesterday we gave you good news that streaming service Netflix would be opening their doors to the UK and Ireland in early 2012, but unfortunately with the good, comes the bad news. Despite Netflix opting to give its customers a low subscription cost once launched, it hasn’t stopped the company in … [Read more...]

Netflix: UK streaming officially on way


Initially founded in 1997, Netflix the on-demand streaming media service will now be branching out to the UK and Ireland early part of next year. Already offering a multitude of DVD film titles, Netflix is already available in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. … [Read more...]

LoveFilm Beware: Netflix Europe Launch Coming 2012


We spoke recently about consumer preference between Netflix and Hulu Plus, with Netflix coming out on top. The US on demand rental service is now reportedly set for a big expansion which will no doubt be making waves. One of the countries that Netflix will come to is here in the UK, which makes … [Read more...]

Netflix Customers Social Media Revolt: More NBC Content Added


We’ve been giving you plenty of news about Netflix lately with an infographic showing Hulu vs. Netflix preference, news about a Netflix update for the Nintendo 3S and then yesterday we told about Netflix splitting its DVD and movie streaming services so that some will face higher bills. Today we … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Netflix Update: 3DS About To Flourish? [UPDATED]


The world of gaming is constantly changing in lots of different ways. When you look at the way the static consoles are going, they look to be getting more and more interactive with devices like the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and the new Nintendo Wii U. The handheld market is somewhat of a different … [Read more...]

Twitter Infographic Reveals Hulu Vs. Netflix Preference


Online subscription streaming in the US is big business, with the 2 big dogs being Hulu and Netflix. Both providers offer rental of the latest TV shows and movies, but the question is, which is more popular amongst consumers? … [Read more...]

Netflix Monthly Bills Could Increase: DVD & Streaming Split


We recently told how if the new Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone on Verizon has an OMAP4 processor on release, there’s a possibility of Netflix HD further down the line and how it would please many prospective purchasers. However today’s Netflix news is not so positive as it seems your monthly … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid Bionic & Droid 3 Feature Boost: Possible Netflix HD

We’ve brought you so many posts now about the Motorola Droid Bionic that quite frankly we imagined there was not much left to say. We’ve also been bringing you news on the Motorola Droid 3, due for release very shortly. Many of you are waiting for the release of either of these Android smartphones … [Read more...]

Encyption For Foursquare & Netflix Apps, Data Highlighted


The issue of security and how data has or could be exposed has been highlighted over the last few weeks. Take Sony's PlayStation Secure Network, Microsoft or even Nintendo who have had their service hacked into recently, and just today news from BGR has come through that Citigroup's data has been … [Read more...]

Sony Reveals It Is The Top Netflix Streamer At E3 2011


Plenty of new detail has come out of Sony's keynote at E3 2011 earlier, in particular the unveiling of their "Playstation Vita" NGP which OSM's Tim Ollason has reported on for you. Sony also revealed another interesting fact, that they are the leading Netflix streamer. … [Read more...]

Amazon Tops E-Retail Satisfaction Survey - Netflix Second


Recently we reported on Amazon’s business growth and then a few days ago told how Google topped a list of the US’s most reputable companies where Amazon came eighth. However today’s news concerns Amazon once again as a survey shows the company came out top for E-Retail satisfaction, with Netflix … [Read more...]

YouTube Expands Its Movie Rental Service: Apple Rival


Viral video sharing site YouTube, has now announced that its movie rental service will now be expanded, giving users another 3,000 additional movie titles to rent. Beating off stiff competition from Apple's iTunes service, YouTube gave the news yesterday that they want to allow customers not just … [Read more...]

Play Netflix Movies Using Voice Or Hand Commands With Kinect


A new dimension has been brought to the way we can play our movies on Netflix now, as the need for a remote control looks to be becoming even more needless. Now when you stream a movie you can control all of the commands via voice or hand gesture if you are viewing through an Xbox 360 with a … [Read more...]

Twitter Complaints Rise Over Temporary Loss Of Netflix


Social networking site Twitter is growing in popularity and although it is still behind Facebook in terms of user numbers, it is still offering a place for the everyday person as well as the celebrity figure to either tweet messages, have a good old rant, announce events and celebrations and so on. … [Read more...]

Will Facebook’s Movie Offerings Destroy Netflix?


Facebook recently added another weapon to its huge arsenal of destruction last week when it teamed up with Warner Brothers to offer movie rental in the US. Will this new feature introduced by the social networking site, damage the companies that offer this as their main business? … [Read more...]

Netflix & CBS Agree 2 Year Deal


On demand video streaming service Netflix, has hooked up with broadcaster CBS on a 2 year non exclusive deal. This move will see CBS content made available to Netflix's current catalogue, a feat which big rival Hulu does not have. … [Read more...]

Android LG Revolution & Netflix App: Smooth as Butter

We’re seeing some great stuff come out of MWC 2011 in Barcelona at the moment but today we saw something we didn’t expect to see. An Android phone, the LG Revolution, streaming Netflix as smoothly as butter. However all was not quite what it seemed as the Snapdragon chip powering the LG Revolution … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Unlimited Video Streaming: Cheaper Than Netflix


Only a few days ago we reported how Amazon now had full control of LoveFilm and speculated whether Amazon intended to concentrate on the streaming market soon, and now, if you are an Amazon Prime customer then we have some good news for you. It appears that Amazon is to offer unlimited movie … [Read more...]

Netflix Button: Coming soon to a remote near you


This is one for Netflix lovers and the news is that soon remotes for new TV’s, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes may well have a dedicated Netflix button on them giving instant access. Partners with Netflix on the venture include Memorex, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and Dynex (from Best Buy). … [Read more...]

Hulu set to expand internationally


It seems as though global expansion is on the way for online TV streaming service Hulu in what seems like a sensible route forwards for the company. Hulu has already hit big success in its bid to provide premium video content online and it will be interesting to see how the company develops its … [Read more...]