NBA Finals: Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video

NBA Finals Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video pic 2

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors 95-93 in overtime even though they lost Kyrie Irving. In the Oracle Arena the Cavs won Game 2 of the NBA Finals and it was an epic game. To prove the atmosphere below are the NBA Finals Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video. With 39 … [Read more...]

NBA Jan 28 start times, live stream and social media

NBA Jan 28 start times, live stream and social media pic 1

There are eleven NBA games scheduled for tonight January 28, 2015, and each game will be shown on NBA League Pass network, live streams as well as being heard on many radio stations. Below we will provide you with the games being played, the times, where and also the live stream and where to … [Read more...]

NBA game times today Jan 20

NBA game times today Jan 20

Yesterday January 19 saw some amazing National Basketball Association games, there were 12 games played yesterday. However, today Jan 20 there are only two. Yesterday's games included the Charlotte Hornets beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 105 - 80 at the Time Warner Cable Arena. The … [Read more...]

NBA game time schedules today Jan 17

NBA game time schedules today Jan 17 pic 2

The National Basketball Association games are well underway and today there are eight scheduled games being played January 17, 2015. NBA game time schedules today Jan 17 include the Indiana Pacers v Charlotte Hornets at Time Warner Cable Arena, in Charlotte, North Caroline starting at 7pm EST. … [Read more...]

NBA Global Games London 2015 Facebook live stream

NBA Global Games London 2015 Facebook live stream

BT is all set to live stream the NBA Global Games London event 2015 pre-match build-ups on Facebook this week. On January 15, between 7.15pm and 8pm 'The BT Sport Facebook Lounge' Facebook will be showing NBA Global Games London 2015 A-list celebrity live appearances. There will also be a feature … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Nets Google Plus pinned post

Brooklyn Nets Google Plus pinned post

Brands and businesses now have a new way to make sure important posts aren't getting lost in the stream. By pinning a Google Plus post to the top of your page, you can highlight special offers, big announcements, or follower polls that you want to make sure your audience notices. You can read more … [Read more...]

LeBron James 12 Nike shoes in videos

LeBron James 12 Nike shoes in videos pic 1

NBA star LeBron James is all set to release his new LeBron 12 Nike basketball shoes; this is his signature line that looks fantastic. Below there are two YouTube videos from the Nike Basketball YouTube channel titled, “LEBRON 12: Colorways Revealed,” and “LEBRON 12: Engineered … [Read more...]

Bucks daughter Mallory Edens Twitter breaks 46.5k

Bucks daughter Mallory Edens twitter breaks 46.5k

Mallory Edens is the daughter of the Milwaukee Bucks new owner, and before the NBA draft lottery this week the beautiful 18 year-old only had 249 Twitter followers, but this all changed after Tuesday. 18-year NBA Draft lottery sensation Mallory Edens now has a staggering 46.5k Twitter followers … [Read more...]

NBA’s Shaq O’ Neal Retires Using Social Media Network “Tout”


There will no doubt be many fans disappointed by the news that NBA legend Shaq O' Neal will be retiring from the sport. The 39- year old player who leaves the Boston Celtics has made a name for himself on and off the court with nineteen seasons, as well as being the celebrity behind million dollar … [Read more...]

Funny Foul Shot Blooper - YouTube Video Goes Viral


We at OSM love our the viral videos that hit YouTube, some of the ones that we have seen recently are a Devils & Angels Family Feud clip, Remi Kart 2, Johnny Mac the trick shot quarterback and of course the Epic Rap Battles of History where Hulk Hogan is facing off against Jong Il … [Read more...]

YouTube In Talks With NBA & NHL- Live Game Streaming


YouTube is a place of endless possibilities and entertainment. You can watch pretty much anything you desire and now it could get a whole lot bigger. Sports fans may soon be using YouTube as the place where they watch their Basketball, Hockey and other sports events! … [Read more...]

SCVNGR & Buffalo Wild Wings Promotion Until March: Win Prizes?


SCVNGR the location-based gaming platform for mobile phones, is now teaming up with restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. Offering a promotion running from now until the month of March, subscribers could be in with a chance to win a variety of prizes. Along with users on a daily basis … [Read more...]

The Last Trends Of 2010: Twitter’s Hottest


With 2011 now here, it is time to have a look at what the final trends of 2010 were. Last week we had Christmas as our top trend and now we are bringing you the final list of hot topics, thanks to Mashable. … [Read more...]

Christmas Trends: Twitter’s hottest 10


Over Christmas you expect families to come together to celebrate and lounge about watching TV with a stack of chocolate; however there is always time for tweeting and this has been proved in this week's chart of top 10 trends. Credit to Mashable for compiling the list of popular topics that have … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Hottest Trends: Top 10 Of The Week


Last week we saw Twitter's trends being dominated by bad news and this weeks chart is unfortunately the same but with a sporty theme. Courtesy of Mashable we will be bringing you the most common talking points on the microblogging service as usual. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s hottest 10 trends of the week


Normally each week it is the pop stars that dominate the trends charts on Twitter and that was very much the case last week. However it is a different story this week and we bring you a combo of sports, celebrity and social events courtesy of Mashable who kindly compile the chart. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s top 10 trends this week


We have a roundup of the week's top 10 Twitter trends right here for you as usual. There is a mixed bag of topics this week with the likes of politics and sport being amongst the chart, which is courtesy of Mashable. … [Read more...]

The hottest 10 Twitter trends this week


This weeks top 10 trends of Twitter is dominated by sports and has a more familiar look to it than we have had recently. The list as usual is kindly provided by Mashable. … [Read more...]

The weeks top 10 Twitter trends

In this weeks top 10 trends on Twitter we have an outrageous mix up in comparison to what we saw last week. We only have 3 survivors from last weeks chart that was kindly provided by Mashable and you will never what those are! … [Read more...]

NBA vs NFL Twitter Followers: Former has 300,000 more


Twitter being one of the largest social networking sites has seen a record breaking number of over two million people following the NBA, a record number for any U.S. sport league on this site. According to Twitter, NBA fans outdo user numbers of the NFL (National Football League). This sees 1.7 … [Read more...]

Lebron James and Chris Bosh: Twitter Announcement

Chris Bosh and Lebron James Twitter announcement

Chris Bosh has been on Twitter thanking his fans for all the support that they have given him. This comes after Bosh, LeBron James and other big NBA players have now become free agents and will certainly be at the top of a number of team’s wish lists. … [Read more...]