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"MWC 2011" News

LG Optimus Pad: Transformers MWC 2011 Promo Released

LG Optimus Pad: Transformers MWC 2011 Promo Released

[ 0 ] February 11, 2022

As far as promotional videos go, there are some pretty good ones but in our opinion none as good as the one that was released by LG and later taken down. It’s for the LG Optimus Pad or as it’s also known the G-Slate is set to be a contender

MWC 2011 HTC Flyer Debut: Pegatron Rush Q1 First Model?

[ 0 ] February 9, 2022

Towards the end of January, we gave you details about a new tablet the HTC Flyer, which is hoped to make its debut at the Mobile World Congress next week along with another named the HTC Scribe. Initially when we first brought you news on the slate, we really didn’t have any specifications to tell [...]

MWC 2011: Flickr Show Huawei Android Contenders IDEOS X3 & S7

[ 0 ] February 8, 2022

As we settle into a new year, we have already seen one of the biggest events to come out of this year, the CES in Las Vegas. Now in about a week’s time, it will be the turn of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 in Barcelona. Along with a number of developers, we will [...]

LG Optimus 3D phone: Leaked video reveal

LG Optimus 3D phone: Leaked video reveal

[ 0 ] February 8, 2022

At OSM we first spoke about the LG Optimus 3D phone a week or so ago, when we told of the rumored handset. At the same time we reported about a MWC 2011 invitational event, believed to be for the launch of this phone which is expected to be glasses-free. We also later reported on [...]

Xperia Play Official: Full launch at MWC February 13 - 6PM GMT

[ 0 ] February 7, 2022

At last we have news that the somewhat mythical Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, otherwise known as the PlayStation Phone, will soon be made official. We’ve already seen a preview of a prototype, some news of a leaked commercial (pretty odd!) and also expectations of an announcement at MWC 2011 among our many posts on this [...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo: Another leak before MWC 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo: Another leak before MWC 2011

[ 0 ] February 4, 2022

News of new phones just keeps on coming and this time it’s the turn of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, hot-on-the-heels of the Xperia Play and Xperia Arc and yet another leak before MWC 2011.

MWC 2011: LG Optimus (G-Slate) Pad: Not To Be Under Estimated

[ 0 ] February 4, 2022

With the Consumer Electronics Show been and gone, we can now set our sights on the Mobile World Congress, due to commence on the 14 February in Barcelona. The event as it states in the name, is a way for developers to show off their latest innovations, be it tablet, smartphone and so on. As [...]

Sony Xperia Play: Leaked Commercial - Your Thoughts?

[ 0 ] February 3, 2022

The guys at Sony have definitely been busy, the amount of separate things they have been working on in the last little while is amazing, one of which is allowing the Sony PlayStation phone or as it’s better known, the Xperia Play to be seen. Other things they have been up to include readying the [...]

LG Optimus 3D: No Glasses 3D - Reveal at MWC 2011

[ 0 ] February 1, 2022

LG like most other brands are trying to find a niche in any market possible, one of the biggest and most profitable of course is in smartphones. We have recently been reading reports of what could be the LG Optimus 3D

MWC 2011: Android HTC Desire Making An Entrance?

[ 1 ] January 27, 2022

With the Mobile World Congress a stones throw away, we are all looking forward to seeing what’s fresh in the smartphone world. However when you get the chance to have a sneak glimpse of one of the latest devices soon to be released, it would be rude not to spread the word.

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