Sanwa MA-TOUCH1: Multi-touch Mouse Released

Do you like to use the conventional style of mouse or do you like to have something a little different? If you like something different then this could be the mouse for you … [Read more...]

New Sony PSP For 2011: Patent Applications Filed

With a series of eight intertwining patent applications coming to light last week on one of Sony's new inventions, it leaves us wondering all what it is. I am sure some of us have an idea or two though. … [Read more...]

ViewSonic Announces 22-inch MultiTouch Monitor In Europe


ViewSonic, American company for developing plasma displays, HDTV technology, CRT monitors and projectors has now just announced their latest offering for the European market. The new 22-inch monitor VX22558wm, will incorporate Infrared Optical Imaging giving the user Windows multitouch with easy … [Read more...]