Free English, Hindi online movie streaming with Worldfloat

Free English, Hindi online movie streaming with Wordfloat

Worldfloat is a familiar social networking site that is now offering its users free English, Hindi online movie streaming service. The site is offering over 25,000 English and Hindi movies and is moving ahead to provide films in other languages. The new Worldfloat movie feature is apparently the … [Read more...]

Netflix Customers Social Media Revolt: More NBC Content Added


We’ve been giving you plenty of news about Netflix lately with an infographic showing Hulu vs. Netflix preference, news about a Netflix update for the Nintendo 3S and then yesterday we told about Netflix splitting its DVD and movie streaming services so that some will face higher bills. Today we … [Read more...]

Netflix Monthly Bills Could Increase: DVD & Streaming Split


We recently told how if the new Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone on Verizon has an OMAP4 processor on release, there’s a possibility of Netflix HD further down the line and how it would please many prospective purchasers. However today’s Netflix news is not so positive as it seems your monthly … [Read more...]

China Can Now Get VOD Service From Warner Bros


China will now be able to enjoy video on demand courtesy of Warner Brothers. The movie company announced that "YOU on Demand" would be the country's first pay per view service. … [Read more...]

Amazon Tablet Codenamed Hollywood: Free Movie Streaming


Back in May we told readers about rumors regarding Amazon joining the tablet market and there was speculation that two tablets, the Hollywood and the Coyote, may be available by the end of the year. Today we have further news on the Amazon tablet codenamed Hollywood as it seems it may feature free … [Read more...]

Sony Reveals It Is The Top Netflix Streamer At E3 2011


Plenty of new detail has come out of Sony's keynote at E3 2011 earlier, in particular the unveiling of their "Playstation Vita" NGP which OSM's Tim Ollason has reported on for you. Sony also revealed another interesting fact, that they are the leading Netflix streamer. … [Read more...]

YouTube Upgrade Services To Stream Movies- Should Apple Be Worried?


As if YouTube was not big enough, just days after breaking their live streaming record from the Royal Wedding they are set to get even bigger. The world's largest video sharing site is set to introduce movie streaming after striking deals with major Hollywood studios like Warner Brothers, Universal … [Read more...]

Play Netflix Movies Using Voice Or Hand Commands With Kinect


A new dimension has been brought to the way we can play our movies on Netflix now, as the need for a remote control looks to be becoming even more needless. Now when you stream a movie you can control all of the commands via voice or hand gesture if you are viewing through an Xbox 360 with a … [Read more...]

Samsung Announces 3D Movie Streaming For This Year


Electronics giant Samsung has announced that it will start streaming 3D movies to its internet enabled 3D TVs later this year. … [Read more...]

UK Lovefilm Movie Streaming Available On PS3


Sony PlayStation 3 can now be enjoyed with Lovefilm's movie streaming app as from today. This means that users will now be able to enjoy thousands of film titles plus games from the rental company and watch them through their gaming console. … [Read more...]

Stream movies from 50p with Film4OD


Film fans will be delighted to hear that Film4OD has started to stream a wide range of on demand movies which can be hired for as cheap as 50p a go! The new service will let you rent films for a 48 hour period which requires a one off payment ranging from 50p-£3.99. … [Read more...]

New Apple TV Shipping Soon For Pre-orders

New Apple TV Shipping Soon For Pre-orders

If you were one of the people who pre-ordered your new Apple TV unit when it was first announced back on September 1st during the Apple Media Event, we have some really good news for you. It looks like you’ll have your new device very soon. … [Read more...]

iPad-optimized mSpot movie streaming app

iPad-optimized mSpot movie streaming app

We all know how popular Netflix is, but we all know how out of date the movies are on the most popular online movie streaming service. However, there is hope if you own an Apple iPad with the new mSpot movie streaming app, which has been optimized just for use on the popular tablet device. … [Read more...]