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"MacBook Pro" News

New Apple MacBook Air 2011 Specs: Pro-Like, What Do You Want?

[ 3 ] April 10, 2022

We’ve been speculating a lot over the last month or so about the refreshed iMacs expected shortly, with features you’d like to see, what price you’d pay, and rumors of a release this month or in May. We hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the new MacBook Air for 2011 though and yet we [...]

Apple MacBook Pro 2011 Charging Equals That Of iPad 2 Adapter

[ 0 ] March 28, 2022

If you have ever charged your iPad via your MacBook Pro you may have noticed that the top up times are extended from that of the standard wall mounted charger.

Mac OS X 10.6.7 Software Update Now: MacBook Pro Bug Fixer

[ 0 ] March 21, 2022

Earlier today we told how many were reporting problems with their new Apple MacBook Pros, 15 and 17-inch versions. It seemed that some sort of firmware issue was causing freezing when using multiple programs. Now we have news of a software update, Mac OS X 10.6.7 that is hoped will sort out various bug and [...]

Sony VAIO Docking, Chrome OS Notebooks: MacBook Pro Rivals

[ 1 ] March 21, 2022

If you’re in the market for a new notebook but are completely blown away with the current amount already out there, then sit down and chill out, as there are 2 new devices from Sony on the horizon. Although the 2 are currently not available to buy at the present time, they are tipped to [...]

MacBook Pro Upgrades RAM With The Help Of OWC Kit

[ 1 ] March 10, 2022

This is a call to all you MacBook Pro users out there, if you’re in possession of the latest addition Pro and require just a bit more memory from your notebook then this could be the solution for you.

Apple iPad 2: MacBook Pro & Air Affected By Magnet

[ 0 ] March 3, 2022

An issue with Apple’s latest Mac range has been discovered involving the placement of magnets on certain areas of the laptop devices. This process has seen the units going into sleep mode when put into contact with a magnet.

Review Roundup for New MacBook Pro 2011 - Verdicts Are In

[ 0 ] February 28, 2022

Since the new MacBook Pro 2011 line was announced and released last week we’ve been bringing you details, many of them surrounding the new Thunderbolt (Light Peak technology). Yesterday we rounded up all of our latest stories about the MacBook Pros with news of features, insights and more and today it’s time for a review [...]

MacBook Pro 2011 Roundup: News, Insight and Future

[ 0 ] February 27, 2022

Here at OSM we closely followed the news and also the speculation leading up to the announcement and release of the new MacBook Pro line for 2011, which came last week. We’ve continued to provide details about the new MacBook Pros and thought our readers might be interested in a roundup of news, insights and [...]

Intel Thunderbolt Peripherals - First ones on the way

[ 3 ] February 27, 2022

After the release this week of the new MacBook Pro 2011 line we told of the new Intel Thunderbolt (Light Peak) technology, ports for which are included in every new MacBook Pro, and also wondered when we might see the first Thunderbolt peripherals. Now we have heard of some of the first devices announced that [...]

Updated Apple Requirements For Running Windows 7 On New Macbook Pro

Updated Apple Requirements For Running Windows 7 On New Macbook Pro

[ 0 ] February 27, 2022

This week has been a really good one for Apple, with their latest release of the new MacBook Pro the company are setting hearts racing and tongues wagging, for those of you that like the hardware that is on offer from Mac but prefer the software of Microsoft you may already be aware of Boot [...]

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