Twitter Extreme Usage To London Riots: Facebook Not Favoured

Since the London riots started a few days ago, the internet has been a hive of activity. Be it people surfing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or even heading on over to news sites such as the BBC or Sky News. Here at OSM, we've brought you a handful of articles since Sunday … [Read more...]

Sony’s Misfortune: London Rioters Torch, Impact On Goods

Today the harrowing scenes in London are laid bear for all to see. TV, the internet, radio channels, social networking sites and so on have all been reporting on the spreading riots that are taking over the City as well as other parts of the country. Mindless protesters have been smashing their … [Read more...]

BlackBerry’s BBM Called For Shutdown: London Rioter’s Best Weapon?

We are all by now well aware and engrossed in the shocking scenes of rioting all over London. Disturbing images of buildings on fire, mobs smashing up shops and young kids looting are dominating all news stations worldwide. My colleague Tim Ollason earlier asked the question if social media was … [Read more...]

The London Riots: Fuelled By Social Media Or Not?

Many people around the world are glued to the Internet and their TV sets tracking all of the happenings in London and around England as the riots continue. We have just seen some reports on a UK News channel that the London riots are being fuelled by social media but are they really? … [Read more...]

Twitter Mixed Reactions To Tottenham’s Mark Duggan

Social networking site Twitter, rival to that of Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and the new Google+ has to date over 250 million active users and the figure is continually growing. There will no doubt be many of you who use Twitter plus others to get your daily fix of posting messages to others, in … [Read more...]

Facebook UK Move: Plans To Recruit New Employees

Popular online social networking site Facebook has gone from strength to strength in terms of user numbers. From what started off as a site used just by Harvard students, has now become a global phenomenon pulling in some 750 million people and that figure is growing by the day. … [Read more...]

London gets it’s first Wi-Fi enabled tube station

BT has announced that for a 6 month trial period, it will be providing the London Charing Cross underground tube station with free Wi-Fi internet access. It will launch on November 1st for all users with devices that have wireless enabled according to Cnet. … [Read more...]