Ubuntu Linux OS ‎Heading For Apple-Like Solution

The operating system Ubuntu has firmly established itself and is now the Number One Linux Operating System. The OS, sponsored by Canonical, which is growing in use by both consumers and business will certainly face new tests as it continues to advance forward and here we take a look at how Ubunto … [Read more...]

Opera 11 Beta Features Explained On Video


If you are like me and tend to have lots of tabs open at any one time, then today's news on the Opera 11 Beta may just be about to make your life a little easier. Replacing the old version 10.70, the new beta version will let us organise our tabs in a “Stacking” formation as oppose to side by side. … [Read more...]

iPad Not for Linux Users: Survey results

According to a recent survey of 20,000 users carried out by MyType, results found that iPad users tend to put themselves into a different category compared to Linux Users. Linux was set up to provide a service on a mobile device, a tablet computer or a video games console. It was found that Linux … [Read more...]

$35 iPad: Linux not iOS 4

There was recent news that in India a prototype of a $35 tablet device had been unveiled and the Indian government are currently in talks with several manufacturers to proceed with making the device. Is a $35 tablet feasible though and what exactly could you do with a PC that’s so inexpensive to … [Read more...]

Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Beta: Social Networking Feature Details

Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Beta is now available for download, and with it comes a host of new social networking features. The software also comes with a new look, which is a taste of things to come in the final version – due for release on April 29. … [Read more...]

Beta of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx): Social Networking Features


The first beta of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) has been released, offering social networking tools, cloud-related enhancements, quicker boot-times and a Firefox browser with Yahoo search as default. Desktop, Server and Netbook editions can all use this beta, along with variants of Ubuntu such as … [Read more...]