2012 Olympics: Europe Wii “Limited Blue” Bundle

With the veritable onslaught on the gaming world coming form the two big players, there isn’t really much room for anyone else. For the purchasing consumer it seems that you have to fit into one of two categories, either Sony's PlayStation 3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Both companies have pretty … [Read more...]

CoD MW3 Limited Ed Xbox 360 Bundle & Hardened Price Exposed

We have another exciting article for all you gamers and it comes in the form of some Modern Warfare 3 news. If you are on the hunt for a new Xbox 360 and want something special, you have got a another thing coming! For those of you happy with the one you have and are patiently waiting for the … [Read more...]

New Nintendo Wii Goes On A Diet On Run Up To Christmas

When we think of games consoles, two major players spring to mind, Sony's PS3 and of course Microsoft's Xbox 360. This duo are seen as the epitome of high end game play and with a long list of hard core games for the serious competitor, those that are dedicated to their online gaming will be signed … [Read more...]

Go For Gold: Motorola Xoom Limited Edition Give-Away At Oscars 2011

One of the oldest and most prestigious events of the movie calendar is due to take place this coming weekend, it is of course the Oscars 2011. The once a year gathering is a chance to applaud many great actors and actresses, directors and writers and judging by news over the web at this current … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition: In time for Christmas


Since the Samsung Galaxy Tab appeared on the market it has proved one of the few viable contenders to the hugely-successful Apple iPad although next year will see an influx of new tablet devices such as a Samsung Gloria, the RIM BlackBerry Playbook, several tablets from Acer and as we reported on … [Read more...]