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"Lenovo ThinkPad" News

New Lenovo ThinkPad X220: Specs Revealed

[ 0 ] March 7, 2022

When it comes to tablets and laptops of different shapes and sizes there are lots of different choices from Lenovo with the ThinkPad options. We have used a fair few of them including the x61, T60 and a whole heap of other ones too. Now we are hearing through Engdaget’s Vlad Savov that the specs…

2011 MacBook Pro vs 2010 MacBook Air: Specs Compared Your Choice?

[ 5 ] February 24, 2022

Apple followers are a loyal bunch that braves the onslaught of Android devices in order to stay true to their brand. Luckily for them Apple feels fit to furnish them with enough updated technology to keep their interest alive.

Lenovo T420 ThinkPad vs MacBook Pro vs Sony VAIO S: Battle Of The Battery

[ 0 ] February 23, 2022

Just yesterday we reported on news of company Lenovo updating their current range of laptops. Although we saw a handful at CES in January, its the ThinkPad series that has been addressed and in particular the T420.