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Meet the Lego Man


For Jeff Hindman in Florida, what he was about to discover has totally baffled everybody! Whilst out walking along Siesta Key Beach, Hindman came across a statue on the sand and on approaching he realised it was in fact an 8 foot Lego Man. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds To Get TV Series: Is It Too Much?


Rovio, the company behind the smash hit app Angry Birds has confirmed that an animated TV series is in production. The birds are poking their beaks into just about everything they can at the moment and with this announcement, animated shows should look out. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Expands To Lego


The massively popular smartphone app Angry Birds has been given a physical form, in the shape of Lego. … [Read more...]

Lego Release New “Play & Build” Wii Remote

Nintendo's Wii has been up against some stiff competition recently, with the release of Sony's PS Move and the soon to be released Kinect system from Microsoft. Nintendo's easy to use console has seen some interesting introductions, one of which is the 25th Anniversary edition red Wii, in … [Read more...]