65-inch Honeycomb tablet, seamless integration

As we try to keep you informed of changes in technology, there is always the question about where manufacturers are heading next with the latest projects. Tablet devices are the latest things to hit our shelves and Christmas stockings all over the world will no doubt be filled with more tablets than … [Read more...]

Toshiba unveil their first glasses free 3D TV


Technology is growing before our eyes at the moment as Toshiba has taken 3D one step further with a glasses free TV. We have all been using the viewing phenomenon for the last year or so and now it has been revolutionized.Satellite giants Sky launched their 3D channel for home use on Friday and … [Read more...]

Bose Introduce 46-Inch VideoWave LCD With 13 Speakers


Bose may have taken a back seat recently, but with the introduction of its new VideoWave System they could be working their way back to the top. Whilst Bose is one of the top players in virtual surround and home theatre systems, VideoWave will be the company‚Äôs first TV. … [Read more...]