Beyonce’s School Dance Appearance Is A Star On YouTube


Just last week we were talking about Beyonce and the possibility of her having to part with an enormous sum of money in the court room. Well this week looks a little brighter as she made a surprise guest appearance at a New York school. … [Read more...]

Video Game Pull Out Costs Beyonce $100 Million Court Case


Just as Mark Zuckerberg and his army of lawyers are walking out of the court room, it looks like pop diva Beyonce is walking in. The American beauty is reportedly being sued for $100 million after she quit a video game project. … [Read more...]

Winklevoss Twins Try Yet Again To Get More Money From Facebook


Those pesky Winklevoss twins simply wont give up! Just over a week after they had a case thrown out in court seeking more money from Facebook, they have appealed to have their case heard again. It is starting to get to somewhat an embarrassment for the Winklevii, but if it means getting an extra … [Read more...]

Samsung Patent Infringement Causes Apple To Sue


Apple and Samsung normally do battle in the smartphone and tablet market; however it is because of this that they have ended up trading blows in the court room. Apple has filed a lawsuit that claims Samsung infringed their patents for the iPhone and iPad. … [Read more...]

Facebook May Be Due Back In Court- Another Claimant


Facebook may be due back in the court room no sooner had they come out. We saw yesterday how the Winklevoss twins failed in an attempt to get more money out of the social networking giant, and now another claimant feels he is due a ride on the gravy train because of the site's colossal success. … [Read more...]

Winklevoss Twins Refused Another Slice Of Facebook’s Pie


You may have become more familiar with the name Winklevoss after the events of last year's Oscar winning Facebook movie, The Social Network. Obviously parts of the film are fiction but the general court dispute was real and after settlement back in 2008, it looks like the twins have been rejected … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Ends Over Sacked Woman’s Facebook Comments

A woman who was sacked by her company due to her comments over Facebook has ended her lawsuit, Dawnmarie Souza was fired by her employer (a Connecticut ambulance company) because of rude comments she made about her employees on the social networking site. … [Read more...]

Facebook Sued Again: Disabled Account Could Cost $500000

We have heard of some crazy things that happen in the online world, perhaps none crazier than this. Facebook are being sued again, this time it is because they disabled someone’s account. That someone is Mustafa Fteja … [Read more...]

Facebook files more lawsuits against cyber scammers


Facebook has once again cranked up their moral stand against cyber criminals by filing 3 lawsuits against scammers they have identified. The criminals include 2 men and an illegal Canadian company. … [Read more...]

Facebook Goes Lawsuit Crazy, Sues Teachbook

Facebook is a great service used by many people on the internet. For many users, it is the way that they interact with the internet as a whole. Now on top, Facebook seems to be getting a little worried about possible threats from competition, as it has filed a lawsuit against Teachbook for trademark … [Read more...]

Google Sued by Oracle: Android / SDK patents infringement

Google’s Android operating system runs on a lot of smartphones, and is growing in popularity. Meanwhile, Oracle has noticed that the Android operating system infringes on their IP’s, and they want to … [Read more...]

iPad Problems: Overheating leads to lawsuit

Apple had hoped that their troubles were behind them when offering free cases and bumpers to iPhone 4 customers, but now they might have another issue on their hands. We have been getting reports that at least three iPad owners have claimed that their devices had shut off due to being in the sun too … [Read more...]