Pre-Order The Kyocera Echo From RadioShack Now


Here at OSM we have been following the Kyocera Echo very closely and have previously brought you news about, this handsets announcement and our first impressions on this device being a possible game changer, with its release just around the corner we have yet more news about this dual screen … [Read more...]

Sprint Kyocera Echo Release: Pre-Order Recommended for April 17


Here at OSM we’ve reported on the Kyocera Echo smartphone, coming to Sprint on a few occasions. Back in February we brought news about this dual-screen Android smartphone and then also brought you some first thoughts on the handset where we felt it could be a possible game changer. Now we have news … [Read more...]

Kyocera Echo First Thoughts: Possible Game Changer


In an earlier post we brought you news about the Kyocera Echo (the new dual screen Smartphone coming to Sprint’s network), this handset is a social networkers dream come true and we believe that it could be a possible game changer, offering users a unique mobile gaming experience. … [Read more...]

Kyocera Echo: Dual-Touchscreen Android Smartphone On Sprint


With all the hype surrounding the white iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone, the HTC Thunderbolt and of course Sony’s Xperia Play (PlayStation phone), many other smartphones that may not have all bells and whistles are well and truly getting overshadowed … [Read more...]