iPod Nano: In line for new replacement, is this you?

If you are an iPod first-generation Nano owner and purchased the device approximately five years ago, then you will be pleased to learn that Cali Company Apple may be replacing it for you. The Internet is rife with news that due to overheating issues (on the rare occasion) owners in the US could be … [Read more...]

iPod Nano Rumor: 7th Generation May Feature Camera

After a weekend that’s seen rumors about a new 8-megapixel camera coming to the iPhone 5, we now have news for you about the iPod nano as it seems that the 7th generation nano may feature a camera. … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Nano: Stylish Leather Watch Strap Available


Back in September, Apple announced a new line of iPods including the iPod Nano where we reported on the specs and prices. We had also heard of various concepts of a watch strap for your new Nano, one of them even received a substantial amount of funding of around $200,000 from Kickstarter … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Nano Wristwatch?


With so many of you purchasing the Apple iPod Nano, there is now something quite unique that may be of interest to you. The iPod Nano Wristwatch! If you are sitting there, the same as I have wondering how this will possibly work then wonder no more. Apple are already using this new concept. … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Nano 2010 Specs And Prices

iPod Nano

On Wednesday Apple announced a load of new products in the iPod line. They announced a new iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch as well as the new Apple TV and upgrades to iTunes including their new social network Ping. Now the conference is over, the Apple store has been updated with the new line of … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Overheats: No signs of a recall


Yet again, Apple have been in the spotlight this time over reported cases of iPods' overheating. In the last few months, Apple have had to contend with problems such as reception issues with the loss of signal and the delayed release date of the white iPhone 4. The latest incident happened on … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4: Should Apple ditch in favor of other colors?


With the ever increasing problem that Apple are still experiencing with the release date of the white iPhone 4, you would think that the huge technological company might possibly offer this phone in maybe some different colors instead of the black and white! Due to manufacturing reasons, patient … [Read more...]