iPhone 6 future compared to Facebook Arc

iPhone 6 future compared to Facebook Arc

Do we get excited about technology? When you sit back and think about it, smartphones are still fairly new but some may say on the technology side of things they are not exciting, and for some it is all about cool gadgetry. Take for example the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 release date and all the … [Read more...]

Apple Are Hiring: Security Needed To Protect iPhone 6


With the recent iPhone 5 prototype bar loss fiasco, Apple are looking to call in reinforcements to stop this from happening again. Twice now their employees have misplaced the handsets, which is 2 times too many by Apple's standards. Embarrassing leaks and revelations have not been rare in … [Read more...]

Quad-Core A6 Apple iPhone Chance: But Not For iPhone 5

New developments in the mobile industry seem to coming at breakneck speeds these days and smartphones that seemed cutting edge only a few months ago are already beginning to look outdated when looking at what’s coming up in the next few months. For instance we have news today that an A6 quad-core … [Read more...]

Could The iPhone 6 Have Projector Integration? Apple Patent Clue


We know how much some of you love the Apple news and rumors and we have something very interesting to share with you now. We normally keep you informed with all the latest iPhone 5 news, but we thought we would skip ahead a bit and mention the futuristic iPhone 6. We have seen some patents that … [Read more...]

iPhone 6: Design Transformation Includes Charge Change


Official news is yet to emerge surrounding Apple's new iPhone 5 handset. For months now, the speculation regarding its specs, name, possible price, carriers, appearance and so on have all been rife, its a job to know the majority of the time, what to believe! … [Read more...]

Future iPhone 6 for 2012: A6 Processor Rumor


Speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 is at fever pitch at the moment and just in the last day or so we’ve reported on the latest rumor about it having a dual-LED flash and also the news that when it’s released in Europe it’s likely to be twice as popular to purchase than an Android handset choice. … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Liquid Crystal Display: Thinner, Lighter, Longer Life


As technology moves further on, all our devices are getting thinner and lighter but surely there must be a limit. As we have already seen Apple's popular iPhone and iPod Touches have slimmed down as the generations have progressed. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release Needed NFC, 6 Reasons Why


In a report that we posted earlier today it was suggested that Apple’s latest version iPhone would not be receiving NFC technology. For those of you that are not yet up to speed in regards to this veritably new feature, lets just skim over the facts. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 NFC Technology: Procrastination to iPhone 6


With news of Apple's iPhone 5 hot on the heels of its predecessor, yet more information has come to light today. Over the last few months, we have strived to give you updates as and when we get them in relation to rumored specifications, appearance, price and of course the big question of a release … [Read more...]