Rival iPhone 4S, Droid Razr, Galaxy Nexus vs Rezound


Decisions, decisions, decisions! Do you find yourself in a quandary over which smartphone to purchase, its not really surprising, with a multitude to choose from, take four which have either landed or about to, that of the iPhone 4S, Droid Razr, Galaxy Nexus and Rezound. … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S battery life: No one solution


Since the new iPhone 4S from Apple arrived on 14th October, users of the smartphone have been complaining of the handset’s poor battery life as well as overheating problems. Forums had been set up for consumers, which Apple has now acknowledged. Despite a new iOS 5 beta 5.0.1 version update being … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 4S download speed issues: no further on


When the new Apple iPhone 4S was officially released on October 14th, it was hoped that the handset would sail through without any subsequent problems. Despite the phone’s popularity, it has been slightly plagued with issues such as its battery life and for US carrier Sprint slow data speeds and … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S battery joked, software update possible?


The Apple iPhone 4S and its battery-draining saga continues guys. Already reported by us here at OSM, it seems that many of you are still heading onto Apple forums to air your handset problem, along with feelings of disappointment and frustration. Despite Apple’s iPhone 4S pumping out another … [Read more...]

Magnate case for iPhone 4S, Galaxy S / Epic 4G and Blackberry


Often when we purchase a new smartphone device, we tend to forget how we are going to protect it from bumps, knocks and scratches. There are many accessories available on the current market but sometimes it’s our job here at OSM to make you aware of them. Over the last 2 or so weeks, since the … [Read more...]

Iris 9000: Extend voice distance of Siri on iPhone 4S


With Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone that has officially released, comes the introduction of new voice activation technology “Siri.” The feature allows you to talk to your phone with Siri reminding you of appointments, acting as a location finder and so on. Just the other day we brought you news … [Read more...]

Revisiting iPhone 4S battery life issues

Revisiting iPhone 4S battery life issues

The iPhone 4S is a little under two weeks old, and it that time there has been mixed reactions. Yes, it’s a step up from the previous version in terms of hardware, but when it comes to other areas, it seems that Apple just cannot get it right. In this post we will be revisiting the iPhone 4S battery … [Read more...]

Create your own iPhone 4S case from an Instagram photo

Create your own iPhone 4S case

There's a big issue with cases for the iPhone 4S at the moment, as we were told that an iPhone 4 case would fit. However, it seems that some of them block the mute switch – yes even Apple’s Bumper. We have a feeling that Apple has no need for this product now, as there is no such issue with the … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 4S connection problems in Europe


It seems life for Sprint and its iPhone 4S introduction is not getting any better! For the first time ever, US carrier Sprint have been lucky enough to join that of Verizon and AT&T; in retailing the popular phone, but since its official arrival on the 14th October, the carrier has experienced some … [Read more...]

Waiting for iPhone 4S bumper on Apple Store

Waiting for iPhone 4S bumper on Apple Store

Since the release of the iPhone 4S there have been some mixed reviews, the first is that of the poor battery performance and the second is its design, as its not that different on the outside to the previous version. However, there are a few subtle differences around the antenna that makes it harder … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S: Verizon, Sprint and AT&T alternatives

iPhone 4S- Verizon, Sprint and AT&T alternatives

When Apple announced that they were going to not give AT&T; exclusive rights to the iPhone at the beginning of the year, we knew that it would not be that long before other carriers would follow in Verizon’s footsteps. The release of the iPhone 4S saw Sprint get in on the action as well, but it seems … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 performance not in iPhone 4S battery life


When we first saw the iPhone 4S it didn’t enter out mind about the battery life, instead our expectations were with the design, and after the shock of no external change we then looked inwards. The internals are impressive, maybe not for Android owners, but this is a step up for Apple iPhone 4 / … [Read more...]

Confusion over iPhone 4S battery case

Confusion over iPhone 4S battery case

When we first got the iPhone back in 2007 there was a huge issue with its battery, which then meant that we had to use a battery case for that extra bit of juice. Thankfully by last years model Apple had managed to sort the issue out, but we are now facing the same problem with the iPhone 4S, as … [Read more...]

More iPhone 4S tests: Battery life draining fast


Apple can again be congratulated for its new iPhone 4S handset, but despite its new features such as Siri voice recognition, 8 megapixel camera with face detection and the new iOS 5 OS, users have still been complaining about the phone’s lack of battery life. Just this week, we have brought you … [Read more...]

Parts Review: iPhone 4S


When Apple first released the iPhone 4S each review showed that the design did not excite, although the features on the inside did for those that love Apple products. The iPhone 4S price is set high, meaning nothing changed when it comes to attracting the lower end market, other than the 3GS … [Read more...]

Apple Easter Eggs for iPhone 4S and Siri


With the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, came the new iOS 5 OS as well as the new Siri voice recognition technology. Although feedback for the new Apple device on the whole has been good, the two extra additions have at times been criticised, mainly for users having problems downloading the new … [Read more...]

5 of the best iPhone 4S skins

5 of the best iPhone 4S skins

Since the release of the iPhone 4S there has been some concern over which cases can be used for the new handset. The reason we say this is because some of the cutouts for the volume and mute from the iPhone 4 case do not line up with the new model. However, we can tell you that ExoClear and Incase … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S rugged case issues explained


Apple’s new iPhone 4S on the whole has received good positive comments, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for manufacturers of the protective cases. The problem comes down to the new iPhone 4S and its slight design change, in appearance the 4S looks like its predecessor the iPhone 4, but … [Read more...]

Improving iPhone 4S battery life: Make it better


Apple state that the iPhone 4S battery life is “outstanding”, which is thanks to iOS 5 and the A5 chip, although this could not be more wrong in real world tests, and as our early tests show it can drain a lot overnight. More progress has been made in learning how to improve the iPhone 4S battery … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S SIM eject tool confuses some


No matter how strange it may seem, some people have been confused over the iPhone 4S SIM eject tool and how it works. We’ve had a couple of emails from iPhone users asking how to free the SIM card tray. Responses to these people have also been mixed, we all know everything is simple when you know … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S password issues, Siri bypass


Apple’s new iPhone 4S has been officially available to buy for nearly two weeks now, and along with brand new internals to speak of, the handset comes with voice recognition technology “Siri.” … [Read more...]

Lifeproof covers iPhone 4S, says case is ready

Lifeproof covers iPhone 4S, says case is ready

Having already covered a number of iPhone 4S cases, we were intrigued to see if the Lifeproof iPhone 4S case was ready, and a quick visit to their website says that it is. We have already discussed similar covers, such as Otterbox, but the former seems to offer even more protection, which you can … [Read more...]

ExoClear Case for iPhone 4S


So you’ve got your new Apple iPhone 4S, but have you considered how you will protect your prized possession from scratches, bumps and knocks? This week we’ve brought you a small helping of some of the cases available on the current market, with another below to tempt you further. … [Read more...]

Incase list best iPhone 4S cases


Over the last week since the iPhone 4S release date, we’ve heard a few rumors about users trying their best iPhone 4S cases on the new device, only to find out they do not fit right. This is due to a slight design change in iPhone 4S, even though it was meant to be the same. Now we’re seeing … [Read more...]

Future Siri updates, incrementally not major

Future Siri updates, incrementally not major

Now that we have had six full days with our iPhone 4S we have worked out all the small little issues, such as the poor performing battery, yellowing on the screen (like last year) and also the minor glitches with Siri, the voice command service that it only part of iOS 5 on the new Apple … [Read more...]