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"iPad 3" News

iPad 3 Components for 2012 Release: Apple Already Certifying

[ 0 ] June 1, 2022

It seems that since the launch of the Apple iPad 2 back in March attention turned straight away to the next iPad, or iPad 3. For some time it was rumored that the iPad 3 would in fact be released later in 2011, but this was later dispelled by part suppliers in China that said…

Apple iPhone 5 (4S) & iPad 3 Demanded by Samsung: Fighting Back

[ 0 ] May 29, 2022

It seems that the ongoing legal hostility between Apple and Samsung is set to deepen as the two tech giants head towards one enormous face-off. You may remember how we told you last week that Apple was granted access by a judge to upcoming Samsung prototypes and now it seems that Samsung is fighting back…

Will Apple Move To A 3D Display For The iPad 3?

[ 0 ] May 5, 2022

As you probably already know Apple simply decimated the competition after they re-ignited the tablet PC market with the release of the first generation Apple iPad. This pretty much showed other manufacturers the future and now everyone wants a piece of the tablet PC market. But there’s one question in our minds…

iPad 3 Specs & New Release Date: Retina Display “Wishful Thinking”

[ 1 ] April 13, 2022

Even before Apple’s iPad 2 officially released just a month ago, there were already rumors flying around about a possible next generation or iPad 3 tablet coming out towards the end of this year. Apple fans we know have at times been in a dilema as to whether they should purchase the iPad 2 or…

Apple iPad 3 Fall Release Rumor: Part Suppliers Say False

[ 1 ] April 12, 2022

It’s hardly any time at all since the release of the iPad 2 and yet even before its launch there were Apple iPad 3 fall release rumors. After the iPad 2 was launched we told how it could scupper the idea of another iPad this year and now part suppliers are also saying that the…

Apple iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Rumor: New Carbon Fiber Casings

Apple iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Rumor: New Carbon Fiber Casings

[ 1 ] April 11, 2022

It’s no secret that many of the technological giants seem to be on a constant mission to make devices thinner and lighter with every new development. We have heard news today that suggests that Apple is planning to take this one step further and could be using new carbon-fiber casings on future products, such as…

Apple iPad 3: Possible Features For September Release?

[ 20 ] March 16, 2022

Before Apple released its latest rendition of the iPad that started the tablet revolution, we threw around speculation and rumor in regards to what we hoped would be included.

iPad 3 Rumors Scuppered by iPad 2 Release

[ 0 ] March 3, 2022

Since the iPad 2 was officially launched at an Apple Event yesterday, the general consensus of opinion is that this is a very decent tablet device indeed. However recently there were rumors of a possible iPad 3 also arriving this year, and only yesterday there were still rumblings that it may be better to wait…

iPad 2 Will Disappoint: iPad 3 To Bring Bigger Greater Things End 2011?

[ 0 ] March 2, 2022

Today March 2, will no doubt be one of the biggest days in the tech world in terms of announcements. We are of course talking about the next generation iPad or iPad 2. The event which can be followed at different times around the globe, click here for more information, will hopefully clear up what…

iPad 3 or iPad Mini Rumor Machine: iPad 2 follow-on due fall?

[ 0 ] February 14, 2022

Here at OSM we’ve been following all the news and of course, speculation, about the upcoming iPad 2. Among our recent articles we told of the release hopefully drawing closer after many original iPad accessories were reduced in price, and also told how Apple CEO Steve Jobs is still firmly in control of developments of…

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