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"iOS 5" News

iOS 5 Brings iPad 2 Controlled Gaming Via AirPlay Mirroring

[ 0 ] June 20, 2021

You may have heard about Apple’s latest AirPlay Mirroring feature added on to their iOS 5, software, it was briefly mentioned at WWDC. If you haven’t then be prepared to be amazed, as this addition has got to be the latest must-have, and will no doubt boost the sales of Apple’s all conquering iPad 2…

iPhone 5 Release: iOS 5 Inclusion Needed, Android Victorious

iPhone 5 Release: iOS 5 Inclusion Needed, Android Victorious

[ 1 ] June 19, 2021

Apple’s iPhone 5 is of course still a huge talking point, despite its non-appearance at the recent WWDC event. The month of September is still reported to be the time when we will finally see the handset with rumor that the refreshed iPod will refrain from launching at the same time. As to what the…

Apple iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Clues in Beta iOS 5: No iPod touch 5

[ 0 ] June 9, 2021

Since the Apple WWDC keynote speech came and went on Monday and there was no unveiling of a new iPhone (as we expected), speculation about the next iPhone has stepped up even further. We have news today though about the Apple iPhone 5 and also the iPad 3 as it seems that the beta version…

Apple iOS 5 Jailbroken Before Release: Games to Come

[ 0 ] June 7, 2021

We’ve been bringing you all the news from Apple’s WWDC 2011 and one of the things discussed in the keynote speech yesterday from Steve Jobs, was iOS 5. Now we hear that only a day after the new mobile operating system was made available to developers, it has already been jailbroken before it has even…

WWDC 2011: iOS 5 Bringing Wireless Syncing

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

Apple announced earlier today at the WWDC 2011 that wireless syncing would finally be coming to their devices with iOS 5. This new feature will be known as “PC Free”, providing over the air updates.

WWDC 2011 Live Streaming: Failed Expectations But Wait

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

With many of us poised as to what will be announced at Apple’s WWDC 2011 in just a few hours time, the question is where will you be watching the action? Yesterday we gave you news of some websites giving live blogs of the event, which will transpire with photos, live updates and so on….

WWDC 2011 Mac OS X Lion: Meaning & Release Date

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

With just a matter of hours to go until Apple’s WWDC event kicks off in San Francisco, we can tell you that the rumors are still as rife as ever on the internet. Over the last few days, we have given you food for thought, with what may and may not be announced later on…

iPhone 5 (4S) WWDC ShowPiece: Apple Need Something Now

[ 4 ] June 4, 2021

We’ve had CES in Las Vegas, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and in just 2 days time, we have got the WWDC 2011 in which tech giants Apple are due to announce various updates to their software. These include iOS 5, iCloud and news of Mac OX Lion. But what about the iPhone 5…

iOS 5 Partners Twitter’s New Photo-Sharing Integration?

[ 0 ] June 1, 2022

Just yesterday we reported that the WWDC 2011 event will kick off on Monday 6th June, where rumor has it Apple will be announcing new software including that of iOS 5. As to whether the iPhone 5 or 4GS will be a topic of discussion is anybody’s guess but yesterday we told you that as…

Apple iPhone 3GS Not Compatible With iOS 5.0 - iPhone 4 Is

[ 0 ] May 24, 2022

The Internet has been riddled with speculation and expectancies of both the design and features of the new Apple iPhone 5 (4GS) but something that people haven’t thought too much about is the version of iOS that it will run on. We already know that Apple is readying itself for WWDC which will be a…

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