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"Intel" News

Intel Thunderbolt Peripherals - First ones on the way

[ 3 ] February 27, 2022

After the release this week of the new MacBook Pro 2011 line we told of the new Intel Thunderbolt (Light Peak) technology, ports for which are included in every new MacBook Pro, and also wondered when we might see the first Thunderbolt peripherals. Now we have heard of some of the first devices announced that [...]

ThunderBolt Peripherals Release: MacBook Pro Waiting Game

[ 2 ] February 24, 2022

We’ve already brought you a lot of stories about the arrival of the new MacBook Pro 2011 line, which was announced and also released today. One of the newest features was the arrival of Intel Light Peak technology, now known as Thunderbolt, although there are no Thunderbolt peripherals available yet.

New MacBook Pro 2011 Prices: Your Thoughts Too Expensive?

[ 1 ] February 24, 2022

At last following on from Apple’s MacBook Pro Refresh event today, we gave you firm details in relation to specifications and pricing for the 13, 15 and 17-inch Macbooks. The listing finally cleared up many rumors such as the replacement of Intel’s Light Peak Technology and its replacement “Thunderbolt” which will provide a faster connection [...]

Updated New MacBook Pros 2011: Specs & Price 13, 15 & 17-inch

[ 0 ] February 24, 2022

News on the internet over the last few days has been rife with rumors about what the new MacBook Pro Refresh will bring, and now thankfully, we can give you the full rundown. Following on from an Apple event which has taken place today, the 13,15 and 17-inch laptops will all enjoy the updates given [...]

New MacBook Pro line 2011: Thunderbolt Feature Official

[ 0 ] February 24, 2022

We’ve been bringing you all the news and speculation about the refreshed MacBook Pro line for 2011, which has just been made official. We’ve told you about some rumored specs, latest news and earlier today told how the online Apple Store was down meaning the new MacBook Pro line would be released shortly.

New MacBook Pro: Take a Light Peak At “Thunderbolt” Connection?

[ 0 ] February 23, 2022

Apple’s MacBook Pro models will be refreshed, news of which has been a hot topic of discussion in recent days. An official launch will take place tomorrow (Thursday) in San Francisco, coincidentally falling on the same day as Steve Jobs birthday. Here at OSM we have given you snippets of information that may or may [...]

Dell, Gigabyte and MSI: Sandy Bridge Intel Problem Grows

[ 1 ] February 2, 2022

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Intel and their Sandy Bridge chipset. We first learned of the design flaws in the final day of January and promptly reported on them but now we are hearing that different laptop and motherboard manufacturers are pulling devices because of the problem. One of the [...]

Intel Sandy Bridge Recalls Imminent: Design Flaw The Cause

[ 0 ] January 31, 2022

Following Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPU being released in Asia and having to pay NVIDIA $1.5 billion over a dispute, we are now hearing that there is a design flaw in the new Sandy Bridge processor. This is really bad news for Intel and pretty unusual as you don’t tend to hear about too many CPU [...]

Maingear eX-L 15 with Sandy Bridge: Could be world’s fastest

[ 0 ] January 26, 2022

This next story contains a very big boast indeed but if indeed it’s true then its worth bragging about. In the last few months Maingear has already released 2 new laptops the Clutch-15 and the Alt-15 and now another 15.6-inch laptop is on its way.

NVIDIA and Intel Patent Dispute: 6 Year $1.5B Settlement Deal

[ 0 ] January 11, 2022

As many of you will know, Nvidia and Intel are two microchip designers who are in direct competition with each other. Intel is the larger of the two companies and has finally settled a dispute between the two of them by paying NVIDIA $1.5 billion

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