USB 3.0 Specs Outclass Thunderbolt, 10 times more powerful


When Apple rolled out their new Thunderbolt peripheral, people around the world were stunned by the fact that they hadn’t heard about it and also by its capabilities, now unfortunately it has been outclassed by the new USB 3.0 specifications that reveal it being up to 10 times more powerful than … [Read more...]

Portal 2 DLC - Geared Around The Razer Hydra Controller


Portal 2 is a new game that came out recently and it’s very first DLC is going to be geared around the new Razer Hydra controller which is based around motion. The controller itself like many of the Razer products is aesthetically pleasing with various LEDs and things appearing on it … [Read more...]

Happy Hacking Keyboards: S-Type Has No Key Markings


There are many different types of keyboard on the market, some of the more interesting ones that we have reported on include the Omnio device with a docking slot for your iPhone, the Logitech keyboards for your tablet PC and of course the SNAK Facebook keyboard with some social network minded … [Read more...]

Razer Orochi Black Chrome Edition: Available Now - Price

With the way technology is moving forward there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the best peripherals for your laptops and PCs that money can buy. The gaming mouse has become quite a subject for us at OSM with different ones being released all the time that we are trying to keep up with … [Read more...]

Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse With Price: Razer Rival?


We have been reporting recently on all sorts of different types of peripheral for your laptops and computers including gaming mice. Some of the reports include the NZXT Avatar S, the Razer DeathAdder and of course the StarCraft 2 Spectre also from Razer … [Read more...]

Logitech HD Webcam C615: Price & Release Date

An item of technology that has gained a lot of users over the past few years is webcams and they are getting better and better. They have gone from being a little device being used where you could just about make out what could be someone’s face to being high powered HD cameras with other … [Read more...]

Batman Batarang Xbox & PS3 Controllers: Coming To E3 2011


At OSM we love to report on all the different types of games consoles out there as well as the input devices that go with them. Recent reports include the speculation around the new Wii perhaps having screens on their controllers, the new PS3 official Dual-Shock 3 candy blue controller/dock and of … [Read more...]

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive: Connect Your iPhone Or Use USB


We are constantly searching the Internet for the most innovative and creative solutions for pressing issues such as storage. We have reported on various different types of device that looks to try and solve your problems such as the new microSD card with a size of 64GB and of course the Seagate … [Read more...]

KINGMAX 64GB microSD Card: Price Will Be A Problem

When it comes to storage in our opinion you can never have too much! We have reported on a few different types of portable storage units in recent times that include the Clickfree C2, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite portable HDD with WiFi streaming and the Super Slim GoFlex also from Seagate. Now we … [Read more...]

SplitFish FragFX Shark: Xbox 360 - FPS Games Get Easier

We have reported previously on a few different types of input device for the Xbox 360 such as the Razer ONZA in two editions, one of them being a jacked up version of the other. The other gaming pad that we have added an article about is the customized Marvel Fighting pad that’s perfect for the beat … [Read more...]

NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse: Razer Rival With A Better Price

At OSM we have added a few reports on different types of mouse including the HP WiFi mouse, the StarCraft 2 Spectre gaming mouse, the Razer Naga Epic and of course the limited edition DeathAdder with the Dragon Age II theme. These are just a few of the rodents that have crossed paths with OSM and we … [Read more...]

Clickfree C2: The Most Rugged Portable HDD Ever?

When you think about the most rugged hard drives there are on the Earth which one springs to mind first? Perhaps the ioSafe HDD that can be fully submerged in water, blasted a few times with a shotgun and still come out working, or maybe you would prefer the Seagate GoFlex Satellite HDD with WiFi … [Read more...]

Logitech Keyboards For Tablet PCs: Are You Interested?


Tablet PCs are the new craze following the release of the original iPad by Apple in 2010 and since then we have seen various different types of tablet from a variety of manufacturers. Some of the more popular ones include the Motorola Xoom, the BlackBerry PlayBook and of course the successor to the … [Read more...]

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Portable HDD: Features WiFi Streaming

At OSM we have reported on various methods of portable storage such as the Plextor HDD, the ioSafe Hard Drive and a couple of different models from Seagate. One of them gives you 2TB for $75 while the other is super slim making it ultra portable … [Read more...]

HP WiFi Mouse: Price & Release Date


At OSM we try and report on the things that we feel may interest you in terms of technology and one of the things that we all use is the mouse. We have reported on various different ones including the StarCraft 2 Spectre, the Razer Naga Epic and an interesting scanner mouse from LG. Now we have a … [Read more...]

Seagate Super Slim GoFlex Hard Drive: Price & Release Date

When it comes to portable storage we have reported on a few devices in recent times, one from Plextor, another from Freecom, the ioSafe hard drive and of course one from Seagate that gives you 2 TB for a mere $75. We do have another from Seagate to tell you about today … [Read more...]

Three UK: HSPA+ USB Modem - Much Faster Speeds


For all of you in the UK who are using the USB dongles we have some exciting news for you, we at OSM understand the desire to have decent speeds when you are on the move especially if you do a lot of travelling or use a dongle for work … [Read more...]

Nexus Silent Mouse - Not Even A Squeak

We have seen quite a few different types of mouse in recent times, a few of them include products from Razer such as the StarCraft 2 Spectre, the new Razer DeathAdder mouse with the Dragon Age II theme and the Naga Epic gaming mouse … [Read more...]

Buffalo BRXL-PC6U2-BK Media Burner: Price Is A Stumbling Block

At OSM we haven’t spoken to you too much about media burning devices in the past so we thought it was about time that we did. Today we have a device called the Buffalo BRXL-PC6U2-BK Media burning device where unfortunately the price is a stumbling block … [Read more...]

evoMouse: Use Your Hand Without Touching A Device

At OSM we have reported on a few different types of mouse, the majority of them are gaming ones such as the StarCraft 2 Spectre, the Naga Epic and of course the DeathAdder from Razer. There’s another one that Logitech released a while ago that has 2 years worth of usage! … [Read more...]

Gemini FirstMix: DJ From Your Laptop

There are lots of different types of equipment around that help with computing but there are also some around that help you with being a DJ. Take the Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus Pro Mixer for example; this is a really cool device that we previously reported on … [Read more...]

StarCraft 2 Spectre Gaming Mouse From Razer: Your Thoughts?

StarCraft II has been one of the biggest games on the PC for a long time. So many people enjoyed the first one that they just had to make a second and we are hoping that they continue the saga further! … [Read more...]

SNAK Facebook Keyboard: Facebook Friendly Hotkeys


We already know how popular Facebook is because of its 500 million users that it has signed up and the fact that sports and brands are turning to it for growth speaks volumes. Even Mark Zuckerberg is adding new pages this time it’s for his dog 'Beast' … [Read more...]

Razer Naga Epic: New Gaming Mouse Specs & Price

Razer have been for a while one of the top end manufacturers of gaming input devices. Some of the ones that we have reported on previously include the Onza Xbox 360 controller in different editions, the DeathAdder in black and the Dragon Age II DeathAdder … [Read more...]

New Razer Gaming Mouse: Dragon Age II Themed DeathAdder

When you think of Razer products what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Expensive, cool, funky… how about quality? They have just released a new gaming mouse called the DeathAdder; this one is themed with the Dragon Age II markings … [Read more...]