F8 Facebook Developer Conference: London and Volcano in Iceland

F8 Facebook Developer Conference

Tomorrow will see the start of the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, where developers and engineers will get the chance to meet up and discuss how social web is evolving. However, as you would imagine the volcano in Iceland has made it difficult for some to attend, even though the airports are now … [Read more...]

Social Media a glimmer of good for Volcano stranded travellers


There are thousands of stories abounding now about stranded air passengers around the world being left in limbo by the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland that continues to spew into European airspace. However as in all times of crisis, it sometimes shows a better side of human nature, as in how social … [Read more...]

Facebook page for travellers stranded due to volcano

As the volcano eruption in Iceland continues to spew out ash, disrupting more and more flights across Europe we hear news of an endeavour by one Facebook user using his initiative for the common good. … [Read more...]