Changing iPhone 4S: Wishlist for iPhone 5

How would you change iPhone 4S Wishlist for iPhone 5

A couple of weeks ago Apple did something that stunned us, and that was to just release an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 with the 4S. Don’t get us wrong, we love what they have done with the inside of the device, but we are shallow as a race, as it’s all about the looks with us. With this in … [Read more...]

WWDC 2012 Countdown: iPhone 5, iOS 6 and iOS X

WWDC 2012 Countdown- iPhone 5, iOS 6 and iOS X

June is usually a month that Apple announces the launch of a new iPhone device during their yearly event. However, this was not the case this year, as it was delayed until this month. We now shift our focus to WWDC 2012, and now that the countdown has begun, we begin to wonder just what Tim Cook and … [Read more...]

iOS 5 satisfies until iPhone 5 release date


The choice of networks for the new iPhone 4S include Verizon and AT&T; as with iPhone 4, although buyers now have the extra choice of Sprint but some questions do not change. The wait for iPhone 5 was longer than any iPhone before, and with 4S being the latest product from Apple, is this enough for … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Takes Edge Over Revised iPhone 4S


Well after all the excitement of the last few days the dust has started to settle on Apple land, and we are left to pick up the pieces from what we expected to be a white wash across the smartphone market. With hopes resting on the all new iPhone 5 and rumors of an ultra thin, large screen next … [Read more...]

Initial iPhone 5/4S Feedback: Your Good & Bad Reactions


In just a short time, one of Apple's biggest events will give us that all important news that the whole world has been waiting for, news of a new iPhone(s). After some 15 months of waiting and reporting on pure rumor we will know for certain what to expect from the huge Cali company. … [Read more...]

New Samsung Galaxy Devices: Unfavorable iPhone 5


Since the start of this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, it's been a job to keep up with constant news of devices that are either about to release or are in the pipeline, but one company and its products never ceases to amaze. Yep you've got it, Apple along with its iPhone, iPad, MacBooks and … [Read more...]

BEWARE: Hackers Exploit Apple’s Event With iPhone 5 Scam


Apple's big day could be overshadowed by a nasty scam going around involving the iPhone 5. Hackers are sending out fake emails which take advantage of the fact we do not know what the new smartphone looks like yet. In the phony email there is a very bizarre concept image which is called the … [Read more...]

5 Things We Can Expect From Today’s Apple iPhone Event


Today is the big day millions have been waiting for, Apple's iPhone event! When a certain smartphone was absent at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, mobile fans worldwide were left let down. Instead of the mouth watering iPhone 5 many wanted we were given an insight into iCloud, … [Read more...]

Projected iPhone 5 Sales, Vicious Email & 4S Rumors


One of the biggest events of this year will be kicking off today, with Apple holding their iPhone event at their very own Cupertino Campus. Until officially announced, multiple sources are reporting on the device to be that of the iPhone 5 although, we shouldn't really count our chickens until the … [Read more...]

iOS 5 release date enough for now?


In just a matter of hours time, we will at last have official news in relation to Apple's new iPhone handset, be it the fifth generation or what many believe to be a revamped version of the current iPhone 4. Whatever the news brings, it will be direct from the horse's mouth as it were and not just … [Read more...]

Storage iPhone 5 Amount: Three Options, Your Choice?


As we count the hours down to what is expected to be one of Apple's biggest events of 2011, we wonder what tomorrow will bring. The new iPhone 5 handset is rumored to be the attraction of Apple's “Lets Talk iPhone” event which will kick off at 10 am at the company's headquarters, 6 pm in the UK … [Read more...]

iTunes Beta Leaks iPhone 4S: Did you see it coming?


After a months of continuous speculation following not only the Apple iPhone 5 and also the iPhone 4S we are hearing that the iTunes beta has confirmed and leaked the iPhone 4S. It would seem like in this day and age, Apple who is normally very secretive about their releases have literally nowhere … [Read more...]

Oct 4th Timezones: iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 Live Action


As the hours are counting down to what will be one of Apple's main events of 2011, the announcement of what is hoped to be the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5, we have yet more news to bring you. For many of our readers who have been closely following developments of the next iPhone generation, its still … [Read more...]

Carrier Sprint iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S To Fruition?


Months and months of iPhone speculation will be rounded off in one event due to take place on Tuesday October 4th . Starting at 10 am in the US and 6 pm in the UK, Apple's major event will be led by new CEO Tim Cook at the company's Headquarters in what is hoped to be that of the iPhone 5 … [Read more...]

Exclusive Titanium iPhone 5 Cases: Brikk Feature


If like many you are waiting with high anticipation for Apple’s latest generation iPhone, then the chances are that you have already indulged your dreams with thoughts of accessories for your forthcoming device. And what is the first thing that we all think off when expecting the delivery of a … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 Case-Mate Appears on AT&T Systems


Looking around at the smartphone market we are certainly due a new iPhone, especially since there are so many other devices on the market. With the anticipation growing rapidly about Apple’s next device there’s been some interesting news about an Apple iPhone 5 cases made by case-mate appearing … [Read more...]

Apple’s Covent Garden Oct 4th: iPhone 5 Reveal


We now know that Apple will be holding a media event on October 4th under the name of “Let's Talk iPhone.” Invitations have been posted out with a time of 10 am Pacific time with the UK seeing the event unfold at 6 pm, so everything is now set in motion for what is hoped to be the iPhone 5 … [Read more...]

Apple Database Confirms iPhone 4S & iPod Touch 5


We are just 5 days away from Apple's huge event and tension is building up. With invites that simply read: "Lets talk iPhone", millions of people around the world are about to get a first look at their new smartphone. The iPhone 5 is obviously going to be the main attraction of the event but we … [Read more...]

Birth Of iPhone 5 Could See Death Of iPod Classic & Shuffle


In with the new, out with the old... is this the policy that Apple are going to enforce again very soon? Next week the world will see the iPhone 5 for the first time, it's introduction will make waves in the mobile world. Hysteria will be created on October 4th but could it be a few old favorites … [Read more...]

Should Apple Allow Pre-Orders For The iPhone 5/4S?


Whilst Apple is preparing for events they have managed to get the whole world guessing the details of their latest handset/s such as the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S; which are both rumored to be coming soon. With that being the case, we are wondering if Apple should allow pre-orders for the two … [Read more...]

Hardware iPhone 5 Add-Ons: Analysts Predict More


Today the news heats up even more in relation to Apple's new iPhone 5 and what is hoped to be its launch next Tuesday October 4th. We know that a media event is scheduled to take place at Apple's Headquarters on the date above with new CEO Tim Cook to host the much talked about event. … [Read more...]

First Public View: “Lets Talk About” iPhone 5


Judging by news that has just recently come through, we can quite categorically say that Apple's iPhone 5 event will indeed take place on October 4th staged at Apple's Cupertino Campus. In the last few days, the rumor mill gave way to a barrage of news, suggesting that the iPhone 5 would be … [Read more...]

Gearing Up For iPhone 5: Three’s New Unlimited Data Deal


Its official... Apple has sent out their invites for the huge iPhone 5 event next week, now the whole mobile industry must prepare. T3 reports that the massive smartphone will be unveiled to the world at the show on the 4th October. Expect the iPhone 5 to become available for pre-order immediately … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Event Coupled With Facebook iPad App?


With an iPhone 5 event expected to take place on October 4th on Apple's own turf, we have yet more news to share with you today. The rumor mill has been set in motion, with news that Facebook will be introducing their new iPad app, along with a possible refreshed version of their existing iPhone … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release October 4th: Venue Details Given?


We know that many of you are holding out for Apple's new iPhone 5 with its release and in the last few days, the news has been stronger than ever. With massive competition from others such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC, along with court battles against Samsung over patents, Apple will be able to … [Read more...]