Dell Streak 5: Discontinued and Thrown Out The Window

When you think about the market for tablet PCs you have to wonder just how anything is going to make any sort of indentation in terms of market share on Apple’s iPad and iPad 2. One that tried and failed is the Dell Streak 5; it’s now been discontinued and thrown out the window … [Read more...]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer: June Sales Exceed All But the iPad 2

Tablet PCs have become the ultimate gadget; they now combine power with speed and mobility which is great for those of us that are always on the move. Of course at the current time even though there’s stiff competition from all of the other Android devices Apple sits pretty at the top … [Read more...]

Apple New iPad Hybrid e-Ink LCD Display: Your Thoughts?

If news today of Apple iPad 2 sales touching the 2 million mark were not enough to wet your appetite, then reports have been coming in today of Steve Jobs company possibly creating a new iPad device incorporating a hybrid e-ink display instead of the LCD screen. Indications have showed that a new … [Read more...]

Tablet/Smartphone Hybrid: AdvanceTC Unveils The MagicW3

Tablet PCs and smartphones are taking over; there are various phones that are doing particularly well in their markets such as the iPhone and some of the HTC models. In the tablet market there are a few that seem to be doing well, of course the iPad now the Motorola Xoom and previously the original … [Read more...]

Hands-on with Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series hybrid


Here at OSM we’re bringing you news from CES 2011 and Samsung products we’ve already posted about include the Samsung 9 Series notebook and the Samsung Galaxy Player. This time we’re bringing you news about a hands-on review with the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series, a tablet-come-notebook hybrid. … [Read more...]