T-Mobile Schedule Leaks Galaxy S II Plus More Releases

Many other people would agree, Samsung's new Galaxy S II has been dominating the current smartphone market for some time. As to whether it will still hold this position once other new devices come along is anybody's guess. Along with other products we report on, the Galaxy S II has been taking … [Read more...]

HTC Amaze (Ruby) 4G Beats Galaxy S II (LTE) Hands-Down

The mobile phone market has never been so inundated with devices that have either landed or about to. In a quest to produce that “extra special” something, manufacturers have been finding ways to either bring a complete new product to the table or using add-ons to an existing model. Examples … [Read more...]

HTC Ruby/Amaze: Further Pics Leaked - Competitors Should Worry

Since the rise of Android HTC has gone from strength to strength releasing handset after handset with top specifications and now it looks like another top end device is on its way, previously known as the “Ruby” the HTC Amaze has had some further pics leaked and this is a phone that competitors … [Read more...]

New HTC Ruby Specs Impress: Galaxy S II To Fear?

Since the beginning of this year, news regarding new tablets and smartphones has been a huge talking point. Up until now, we've had events such as the CES, Mobile World Congress, E3, WWDC and news following on from them has and is looking pretty exciting. Major players have of course been Apple, … [Read more...]

HTC Holiday Prototype Spotted While Ruby Details Are Leaked

We are all looking around the web for the next big smartphone with many people tipping the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Apple iPhone 5 to be amongst them. Now we have heard some exciting things about HTC and a prototype of the HTC Holiday as well as details of the HTC Ruby being leaked.We … [Read more...]