HTC Flyer FCC Hints at T-Mobile: Release next month?


Here at OSM we’ve written many articles now about the HTC Flyer an Android tablet, which HTC intended as a viable contender to Apple’s iPad. We have now heard about FCC hints for the HTC Flyer on T-Mobile and that it could be released next month. … [Read more...]

HTC EVO View 4G Tablet (Flyer) Release June 24: Coming to Sprint

We first brought you news of the HTC EVO View 4G (aka Flyer) tablet back in March when we heard that this tablet device would be coming to Sprint and then also gave you news of a summer release along with some specs. Now we have news that the HTC EVO View 4G will see a release date on Sprint of … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Tablet PC Gets Unboxed


In our time at OSM we have seen various cell phones enter the market and one thing that everyone loves to see is them getting unboxed. We recently reported on the HTC Sensation revealing all in an unboxing video and now the tablet from HTC is getting the same treatment … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Wi-Fi Model Release / Price: Exclusive Best Buy May 22


We’ve been bringing you news on the HTC Flyer tablet for some time with recent posts including some news on the European release, asking if it could challenge the Apple iPad 2, and then for the U.S., details of pre-orders becoming available at Best Buy. We have news today that the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Official European Release: 3G & WiFi Models Hit Shelves


You may remember that towards the middle of last month, our very own Debbie Turner reported on HTC's Flyer tablet and its release date believed to be May 9th. Well if you were one of the many waiting for the 7-inch slate to land, you will have seen this date come and go without any sighting. … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer First Thoughts: iPad 2 Challenger?

With the introduction of Apple's second generation iPad, the tablet market grows ever bigger, with manufacturers vying for that valuable top spot. But what is it that makes one device stand out from another? HTC think that they have a valid contender for the current market leaders with their new … [Read more...]

HTC WiFi Flyer Best Buy US: Pre-Order In Advance


Right from initial rumors that HTC were indeed bringing out a new tablet deemed to be a real contender against of course the iPad 2, PlayBook, Xoom and so on, we have been bringing you up to speed with snippets of news. From official specs right through to suggested price, retailers and of course … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer UK & Europe Release Date: Confirmed as May 9

We’ve been bringing you a lot of news about a new tablet on the way, the HTC Flyer, which has had a lot of positive press so far and which we included in our look at some of the top upcoming Android tablets. Much of the HTC event in London today was focused on the impressive HTC Sensation (aka … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Hits UK Pre-Order Status: Cheap Android Tablet?

Like many people out there the team here at OSM are very big HTC fans, previously we have enjoyed bringing you news about other products from the Taiwanese giant like the HTC Evo 3D and the Evo View 4G Tablet. … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Best Buy Release: Not Too Long To Wait

With the tablet market increasing by the day and now news today of Motorola's Xoom possibly ending after the month of June this year, (yes that's right its only just been released), does the HTC Flyer, a hot favorite we have to say, stand any chance? … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Landing UK April: Rumored Price Given

At the beginning of this year with 2 major events that have been and gone i.e. CES and MWC, it became obvious that 2011 would be a busy time for tablet developers and manufacturers. The smartphone of course still remains a topic of discussion, but whereas 2010 was dominated just with Apple's … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer “WiFi Only” Pre-Order Available: German Cyberport Lists


As we wait for the release of HTC’s Flyer tablet, pencilled in for an early Q2 this year, it would seem that some are willing to give the eager, a chance to lay down their securing deposit for the HTC slate. … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Price News: Better than some others

We’ve seen some great new devices coming from MWC 2011 so far and one of the most interesting is the HTC Flyer, a 7-inch high-end tablet powered by a 1.5GHz processor. There’s been a lot of very positive things said about the Flyer so far and we’ve already posted several articles that you can check … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Takes On Apple’s iPad: The Start Of Something Big?


One of the biggest electronic shows to come out of this year the Mobile World Congress, has been housing some of the biggest developer names as well as their fantastic devices for launch this year. Today is a big day for the guys at HTC, we have heard about smartphones such as the ChaCha and Salsa … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Shows Off OnLive Gaming On Video

Were just Following on from HTC’s announcement this morning about their latest devices, where we saw them announce a Tablet PC. This is called the HTC Flyer and will include amongst its long list of features access to the cloud-based streaming service OnLive. … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Android Tablet: 7-inch enters the arena

We’re hearing of a lot of great stuff from MWC 2011 at the moment and the next device to join the fray is the HTC Flyer, a 7-inch Android tablet that has just been announced. We previously reported on the Flyer and told of the leaked specs and rumored release date, and then reported more on how the … [Read more...]

MWC 2011 HTC Flyer Debut: Pegatron Rush Q1 First Model?

Towards the end of January, we gave you details about a new tablet the HTC Flyer, which is hoped to make its debut at the Mobile World Congress next week along with another named the HTC Scribe. Initially when we first brought you news on the slate, we really didn't have any specifications to tell … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer: Full Specs Leak - Release Date March?

We’ve got some information today for you on one of HTC’s upcoming tablets, the HTC Flyer, from a specs sheet leak. We gave you some news on this tablet in a previous article but now we have more specs available. The tablet will be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread which may disappoint some hoping for … [Read more...]