Secure social media accounts of your business easily

Secure social media accounts of your business easily pic 5

The focus here on this blog is nearly exclusively about how to make social media accounts more successful. You’ll find dozens, hundreds, of tips on doing just that. When you do become successful you’ll need to think about building something else up: the security of your social media accounts. As … [Read more...]

Apology after Today FM Twitter compromised

Apology after Today FM Twitter compromised pic 2

The official Today FM Twitter account was compromised where followers were seeing tweets of horse, as well as tweet with a horse again but also with a message about offering quick cash and love. Today FM did say ‘Oops’ and apologised asking followers to ignore their last tweet, apparently Today … [Read more...]

Twitter Centcom hack with ISIS threats on soldiers

Twitter Centcom hack with ISIS threats on soldiers

The official US Central Command @CENTCOM Twitter and YouTube accounts have been reportedly hacked by Islamic State, and threatening messages were posted. Its Twitter account was suspended after being hacked, and now when you visit the U.S. Central Command account you will see nothing but a … [Read more...]

Anonymous Threatens Florida Over Charity Group Arrests

Anonymous Logo

Hacking seems all the rage nowadays. Whether it’s LulzSec, or Anonymous, groups of hackers who keep their identity secret are all over the news, taking down this website and stealing information from that company. Whatever their motives, these hackers take enjoyment from breaking through the … [Read more...]

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Rooted: Will Samsung Patch It Before Release?


At OSM we have reported various different devices being rooted such as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and other devices being overclocked like the HTC Inspire and of course we have seen the Motorola Xoom processor running at 1.5GHz where we were asking if you would try it … [Read more...]

Kian Egan: Twitter Account Hacked - Not Leaving Westlife


Twitter has quickly become one of the largest of the social networks that there are in the world and with that being the case it’s always susceptible wrong doing much the same as other social networks such as Facebook. You only have to look at when Charlie Sheen joined Twitter; he received 800,000 … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS: First Image Of Homebrew - Hacked Already


The Nintendo 3DS has been one of the most anticipated devices of the year so far and mostly for the right reasons. In the run up to its release we reported on how its facial recognition will struggle with beards and glasses, how ASDA was the cheapest place to buy it in the UK and also the first … [Read more...]

Motorola Atrix 4G: Hacked To Work With All HDMI Connections


If you have just picked up your Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone but didn't pick up the docking station that turns it into a laptop then you will be pleased to know that it has recently been hacked to work with all HDMI connections … [Read more...]

Ashton Kutcher Gets Punk’d With Twitter Hack


With the increase in popularity of Social networking site Twitter is seems it’s not just your average Joe that’s taking on this trend, a few days ago we saw Charlie Sheen open an account and gain a huge following almost instantly. Sheen isn’t the only Twitter celeb to hit the news this week, … [Read more...]

Video Shows Nintendo 3DS Hacked With R4 Card


The dust that accompanied the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan has only just settled, but it would appear that time waits for no man or hacker, eager to do their business it seems that someone has already managed to hack this new gaming device with the use of an R4 card. … [Read more...]

Pwn2Own 2010: iPhone Hacked, 4G may be the same

Pwn2Own 2010- iPhone Hacked, 4G may be the same

If you are the owner of an Apple iPhone then you had better start worrying, as two hackers were able to hack the iPhone at Pwn2Own 2010, which we discussed in a recent post. Alarming it took the pair just 20 seconds to do – we are left wondering if it will be the same for the rumored iPhone 4G? … [Read more...]