Social Media Election Campaigns: Politicians Benefit?

One of the topics we often bring you news on, is that of “social media” and the way in which it is being used in today's society. By way of networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others such as LinkedIn and Foursquare, individuals as well as organisations are reaping from its benefits. … [Read more...]

Is The Chinese Government Involved In The Attempted Gmail Hacking?

Yesterday we got word that Google had reported an attempted hack on their Gmail service. The world's largest search engine revealed that it was a phishing attack that tried to get into its system, and the attack originated in China. … [Read more...]

Gmail Down In China: Secret Government Block

With all of the recent violence and demonstrations we have seen in Libya and Egypt, it looks like China have feared a potential uprising of their own and tightened their grip on internet control. The whole of China has said it is unable to access Gmail, but Google has confirmed there is no problem … [Read more...]

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Strike Again: This time Egyptian government


Recently we’ve been giving you lots of news about the protests in Egypt and our most recent posts after the Internet was blocked there, were about how people were finding ways around the ban and lack of access to social networking sites, and then yesterday we told how the Internet had been at last … [Read more...]

Egypt Protests: Government urged to restore Internet to the people


Recently we have been reporting on the growing unrest in Egypt and social media connections to that. Back in November before parliamentary elections we told how some popular Facebook pages opposing the government in Egypt had been removed and then just 2 days ago reported how popular social … [Read more...]

UK Government plans for censorship of Internet Porn


We all know there are many pros and cons to the Internet and many people would point out one of the more unsavoury aspects of it, the prevalence of porn sites, is one of its big drawbacks. Although of course this depends entirely on personal taste! … [Read more...]

Students Also Using Twitter To Vent Fury At The Government


With the government's decision yesterday to allow universities across the UK to triple tuition fees, students from all areas took to London to protest and riot. Affected graduate hopefuls everywhere have also used social networks to make their feelings heard with Twitter especially becoming busy … [Read more...]

UK Government Plans Faster Broadband By 2015


Have you sat there like me at times twiddling your thumbs in the hope that eventually your broadband will kick in and your computer will start to load up? How frustrating is it when you need to find that all important information and can't as you are restricted by a slow broadband speed. … [Read more...]

Spending Review 2010: Twitter reactions


Yesterday saw the government Spending Review 2010 from George Osborne and as expected some of the most severe cuts were announced for public spending in many years. It’s estimated that around 490,000 public sector jobs will be lost and departmental budgets face cuts that average 19% over the … [Read more...]