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Facebook Ads Show How To Disable Facial Recognition

[ 1 ] July 27, 2021

Facebook has been the dominant social network for a long time, but one of the main criticisms it received was its lapse approach to security. Many of Facebook’s features are set to public by default, and users often find themselves opted into extra features that aren’t advertised. Meanwhile Google releases its rival social network, Google…

Google Updates +1 Button To Make It 3X Quicker

[ 0 ] July 27, 2021

Google has really been upping its social game recently, not only have they swiftly launched and improved Google+, they have also just rolled out an update to their Google +1 button. The +1 button which you may have noticed has made its way on to just about every web page, is now much faster.

Google+ & Job Finding Hints: Potential To Seek Out

[ 3 ] July 25, 2021

New social networking site Google+ which launched just recently has already racked up a massive 20 million if not more users in a very short time span. Already still in the beta stages and restrictions to joining such as being over 18 years of age and by invitation-only, the site’s popularity just keeps on rising.

Oslo Norway Attacks News: Video & Photos Via Social Media

[ 0 ] July 22, 2021

Something we have noticed increasingly is the use and immediacy of social media in times of crisis. Recently we’ve seen examples of the likes of Twitter and Facebook being used in political uprisings to rally the people and also following natural disasters such as tornadoes. Today has seen awful events unfolding in Norway with twin…

Apple Enter The Race To Buy Hulu- iCloud Integration?

[ 3 ] July 22, 2021

We have been speaking recently about the on demand video service Hulu, and the possibility of them being acquired. We have identified the largest candidates, those being Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Apple are now reportedly very interested in buying out the video streaming site and are getting ready to put in a bid. What could…

Google Doodle Interactive Mobile for Alexander Calder’s Birthday

[ 0 ] July 22, 2021

A lot of people are intrigued by Google Doodle’s, the special images on Google’s homepage that usually mark the anniversary of an event or a notable person’s birthday, or even a special day. Many of us check first thing every day to see if there’s a special Google logo and if you looked already today…

Google+ Users: 20 Million By The Weekend!

[ 0 ] July 21, 2021

As many of our regular readers are aware we love to report on the latest news for the social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and of course the new one that everyone is talking about, Google+. Now we are hearing that the number of Google+ users should reach 20 million by the weekend which is…

Hulu Acquisition: Google, Yahoo Or Microsoft?

[ 0 ] July 20, 2021

With the news a few weeks back that Yahoo had made a secret bid for Hulu, the rumor mill has been kicking into overdrive about the future of the video streaming site. Google reportedly are also very keen on acquiring the on demand giant, with Microsoft monitoring things as well. So should Hulu sell up,…

Google+ Hits 18 Million Users: Can It Be Stopped?

[ 1 ] July 20, 2021

The world of social networking has been turned upside down by Google and their latest bid to disrupt everyone with Google+. Already we have seen them destroy Yahoo to become the number 1 search engine, tackle Apple to have the most smartphones on their Google Android OS and now they have breached social networking! Google+…

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